Cipolletti: the medical student brutally beaten during a robbery died

Maria Agustina Fernandezthe young medical student from Cipolletti that last Saturday she had been brutally beaten during an assault, he died on tuesday night brain death.

The news was confirmed by the family of the 19 year old girl, who also reported that he will donate the organs. The director of Cipolletti hospitalClaudia Muñoz, had reported in the last medical report released that the student was in serious condition and showed no improvementdespite the fact that she continued to be hospitalized with cardiac activity and respiratory assistance.

On Tuesday, sources from the same hospital had indicated that, after being subjected to a series of studies, the young never responded to stimuli.

After hearing the news of her death, many people accompanied Agustina’s parents and loved ones to the entrance of the Cipolletti hospital at night, where they lit candles and prayed for the young woman. “It is a peaceful meeting from the heart, in the face of so much violence,” said those present. While, announced that they will call for a mobilization for this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. demanding Justice.

The case of Agustina Fernandez

Saturday, Augustine Fernandez She was alone at a friend’s house who was out shopping when she became the victim of a vicious assault. The incident occurred in a residence on Confluencia Street at 1300.

The criminal would have entered the house while the young woman was unaware and attacked her
. The prosecution suspects that the medical student would have defended himself in the robberybecause on his hands he has marks compatible with an attempt at resistance.

Meanwhile, the investigations to determine if there was one or more responsible for the events continue. At the moment there are no arrests in the case. Police sources clarified to local media that the criminal or criminals escaped with two cell phones from the house, some valuable items and $1,000.

Silvina Capello, Augustine’s motherhad informed the local press days ago that her daughter’s health was “compromised” due to numerous “fractures” and “oedemas” that he had suffered during the assault. “She is not operable. They beat her, they cut her,” she lamented.

Agustina was a native of La Pampa and had moved to Cipolletti in March of this year to begin her studies at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Comahue (UNCo). The case was handled by a team of prosecutors made up of Martín Pezzetta, Julieta Della Cha and Rocío Guinazú Alaniz. Police personnel from the Investigations Brigade, the Criminalistics Office and the Unit with jurisdiction in the area also participate in the investigation.

“It doesn’t enter my head, I can’t understand the tremendous beating they gave him. I ask for justice and that the Police continue to act as they are doing. I don’t close anything about what happened“, Said the victim’s mother, before she died.

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