Ciudad Juarez comes to a standstill after drug-generated violence

As in its worst times when 15 years ago it was the focus of violence in Mexico, Ciudad Juárez became a ghost town after hours of violence that claimed the lives of 11 people and after schools, daycare centers, gyms and some businesses maquiladoras suspended activities; in addition to the closure of businesses and the suspension of work of the third shift of the maquiladora industry.

The SAT also decided to close its offices in that border city and even soccer suffered from the violence when the match of its first division team was suspended. Juarez Indians, who on matchday 8 played against Pachuca. They also closed criminal courts of the prison, the same as Oxxos.

Oxxo stores were attacked.  (Reuters)

Oxxo stores were attacked. (Reuters)

Citizens made panic purchases, crowded supermarkets to buy what they needed and avoid leaving their homes over the weekend for fear of the wave of violence.

The few people who venture out onto the streets do so out of necessity. Yesterday most grocery stores, department stores and supermarkets lowered their curtains. As difficult as it may seem, it is complex to buy a bottle of water.

Yesterday there was a day of violence in Ciudad Juérez (Jesús Quintanar)

Yesterday there was a day of violence in Ciudad Juárez (Jesús Quintanar)

The violence has already impacted economic sectors of Ciudad Juárez. Vivaerobus announced the suspension of its flights due to insecurity and the shopping centers that opened their doors announced their closure at 10:00 p.m. so that their staff can go home without risk.

The Little Caesars pizzeria chain kept its premises closed, while videos of people injured in one of its branches were broadcast on social networks. In the attacks, two people died in chain stores Oxxo. The National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores (Antad) condemned the acts of violence that occurred in Chihuahua and Guanajuato and urged the authorities to reinforce security.

Empty pizza boxes after the attacks.  (Reuters)

Empty pizza boxes after the attacks. (Reuters)

Coparmex also condemned the violence and condemned the acts that took place in different parts of the national territory, with the aim of instilling fear among the population, and demanded that the government fulfill its obligation to guarantee the safety of Mexicans, as did the Business Coordinating Council (CCE).

More than 24 hours after the violent day that left 11 dead after a series of narco-blockades and shootings throughout the city, in Juarez it no longer smells of gunpowder but fear is perceived in the environment. In an attempt to establish peace, the Army deployed 700 troops to carry out patrol tasks and the security authorities of Chihuahua met to coordinate actions against organized crime, with elements of the Ministry of National Defense.

The inhabitants say they are outraged by the murder of the communicators, the gasoline dispensers and the other victims, all innocent. “The way they killed the people who were on the pizzas something very cruel was done to me“, Narrated a woman who, out of fear, preferred to remain anonymous.

After the events of last Thursday, few vehicles pass through the main avenues. What Ciudad Juárez is experiencing has not been seen since 2015, when the war between Los Zetas and El Golfo turned this area of ​​Chihuahua into the spoils of war for criminal groups.

“Well, don’t forget that we’re going to be here until 9 o’clock at night, your friends from the positive radio Switch 105.9, so we’re still waiting for you. We’re in the national army, in front of Little Caesars, so you can’t miss this transmission, this great event. It’s already this Saturday, August 13, you already know that the doors open at 7 to start at 8:00 with all the revelry, with all the atmosphere of Los Switcheros de la radio positive, don’t worry you can lose it here we will be waiting for you”.

These were the last words of Allan Gonzalezthe announcer of the company Megaradio minutes before being assassinated.

“Also tell them that yesterday they turned off not one but four voices from the company but that we will never remain silent in the face of impunity,” warned José Joya, director of Megaradio.

This Friday, Ciudad Juárez was also a day without announcers. Megaradio workers turned off the microphones as a sign of mourning and self-censorship.

“I think it’s a combination of both. It’s a way of protesting, of making us feel that we disagree with what is happening, but also in solidarity with the families of our colleagues, our own colleagues who deserve respect and it is for Therefore, the decision was made to suspend activities,” added José Joya, director of Megaradio.


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