Civil liability insurance, key for the doctor

CTOtogether with the law firm DS Legal and Unitecoorganized this week a meeting for the new medical residents to teach some basic lines of action in the exercise Sanitary professional. The encounter with lawyers specializing in health law and experts from professional civil liability insurance served to make doctors aware of the importance of being well protected.

The reception of this event, according to the organizers, was a “success” both in face-to-face and online assistance. A sample, they claim, of the “great interest” of the new generations for being well protected in the exercise of their profession.

Topics such as clinical histories, informed consents and professional, family and patrimonial protection plans from a legal point of view. One of the speakers and director of expansion at Uniteco, David Del Portillo Pelliterofocused his speech on the importance of having good Professional Civil Liability insurance, regardless of the field of work and specialty that the professional develops.

“The insurance of patrimonial and family protection They are fundamental. Any of these situations can generate significant imbalances in the family economy and, of course, in the peace of mind from a doctor“, he argued. For this reason, he recalled that doctors treat people’s health on a daily basis, “the most precious asset that anyone has.” “Any situation that generates a prejudice in the health of a person, has a high probability of becoming a claimregardless of whether the doctor’s work was correct,” he warned in this regard.

Claims, he pointed out, that have tripled since 2016 and, for which, “many insurance companies have abandoned the medical sector, including the companies that insured public administrations”. “That is why Regardless of whether it is not mandatory have Civil Liability insurance in public activity, in recent years it is essential to have this aspect covered with a private policy for the doctor,” he explained.

“The doctor must get advice and know the benefits to which he would be entitled if ever, due to an illness or an accident, he could not continue generating income, since these benefits are always very far from the standard of living that a doctor usually has,” explained Del Portillo.

Medical community to share complicated experiences

The presentation ended with the presentation of Stories behind a PPE, an initiative promoted by the Uniteco Foundation in the hands of César Carballo and Miguel Álvarez de Mon. A web page where doctors tell complicated situations they have experienced. “The goal is for the doctor to have a place to share experiences with his partners and read it from the others, so that it serves as an outlet and support”, she said.

They also participated in this act Ramiro Urioste and Alvaro Gutierrez, experts in health law. Urioste exposed the importance of clinic history and those aspects in which doctors usually “screw up” so that whenever they have any doubts, they go to their professional civil liability policy to consult with their attorney.

And Gutiérrez did the same with another of the fundamental parts in the development of medicine, the eelaboration of a correct informed consent and what are the usual “failures” when managing it.

“Despite the masks, the looks never lie and I only saw youth, intelligence, effort, vocation and passion“, Del Portillo declares to this media about his impression of the event. “They took notes and were very attentive, despite the fact that we deal with issues that do not have a direct relationship with medicine, but that are still important, “he concludes.

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