CJNG threatened with executions, “levantones” and cut off hands in Valle de Chalco, Edomex

In addition to the narco messages, a video of the arrival of the cartel in Morelos circulated (Photo: File)
In addition to the narco messages, a video of the arrival of the cartel in Morelos circulated (Photo: File)

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) threatened with executions, disappearances and “levantones” to anyone who is caught selling drugs, they even assured that will cut the hands of people who steal.

Various narcomantas with the initials of the criminal group appeared in the Mexico stateaccording to the first reports and the threatening texts, the violent actions will be carried out in Chalco Valley. The appearance of the narco-messages was recorded on Thursday, January 12, and their photographs were shared on social networks.

“Notice to all the people of Chalco and Valle and its surroundings, anyone caught selling any type of drug will be arrested and executed, and anyone caught stealing will have their hands cut off.”

In the threatening text it was even warned that people who do not obey will be executed and that there is an arrangement for those who want to “align”.

In the blankets they threatened to "lift up" and even cutting off the hands of criminals (Photo: Twitter/@MennyValdz)
On the blankets they threatened to “levantones” and even cut off the criminals’ hands (Photo: Twitter/@MennyValdz)

“For anyone who wants to align there is an arrangement and the one who will not be executed. Any government team that is charging a floor for sell drugs especially ministerial will be lifted and disappeared” (SIC), said the final part of the message.

It was not the only message from the also called poster of the fourth lettersbecause through a recording the group announced his arrival in Morelos in which accused politicians and criminals for links to criminal groups. The recording featured a large number of men dressed in military suits and carrying long weapons.

Among the criminals threatened were mentioned Saul “N”, the glasseswho apparently operates in Jojutla and Tlaquitenango; Homer Figueroa, The gutof the Tlahuica Command, Milton either the chilango, an individual accused of kidnapping and extortion. With regard to politicians, he was appointed Enrique Alonsoformer mayor of Tlaquiltenango, who is in prison and has been linked with the group The Reds.

Cuernavaca already has an owner And it’s not you, Abel Maya, because you also come on our list and that also goes for you Santos, you who manage the station and the market in Cuernavaca, your time has come. And you Grispín Gaspar and your nephew Jesús Gaspar alias The Milkshakes and the trustees who support him, even the dog in his house I am going to kill them for saying that they are the Jalisco New Generation Cartel”, was part of his message.

The cartel led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes the mencho is indicated by the authorities as the alleged person responsible for the disappearance of Colonel Isidro Grimaldowhose whereabouts have not been known since December 10, 2022.

According to data from the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), the colonel was on vacation and I was traveling from Jalisco to Zacatecas when it was approached by a group of armed people.

José Isidro Grimaldo would have been kidnapped by people linked to the CJNG (Special)
José Isidro Grimaldo would have been kidnapped by people linked to the CJNG (Special)

“He was intercepted by two vehicles with armed people, who with the use of violence forced him to get out of his vehicle, taking it with an unknown direction”, specified General Crisóforo Martínez Parra, commander of the Fifteenth Military Zone, based in Zapopan.

last wednesday january 11 José Manuel “N” was arrestedidentified as brother of a man nicknamed The cr, who would be an alleged CJNG plaza boss and designated by the authorities as linked to the kidnapping of Isidro Grimaldo. According to local media, the capture was made last Friday in the Chiquilistlan Municipalitysouth of Jalisco and was carried out by elements of the army.


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