Classes at the Faculty of Medicine of the UNA will be under the mixed modality – Nationals

The Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Asunción will develop the practical classes in person and the theoretical ones in the virtual modality, informed Prof. Dr. Andrés Szwako, academic director of the FCM-UNA. It is within the framework of the gradual and safe return to classes, according to the resolution of the National Council for Higher Education (Cones).

In fact, Classes have officially started at FCM-UNA, with the attendance from Monday 14 of the students of the tenth semester of the 2015 mesh. The rest of the students who are from the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth semester started on Monday, February 21, while those of the 2011 mesh , who are from the fifth and sixth grade, will start on March 21; and on July 4 they start the first semester.

The headquarters of the Faculty of Medical Sciences has approximately 1,000 students, and the subsidiary located in Santa Rosa del Aguaray (Department of San Pedro) about 250, which totals about 1,250 university students. A large percentage of the practical classes at the central headquarters are held at the Hospital de Clínicas and others, such as practices in physiology, histology and anatomy, at the basic sciences building at the Saxony headquarters (Asunción).

On the other hand, as for teachers who want to give theoretical classes in person, he said that they must have authorization from the Academic Coordination and respect all health recommendations. In accordance with the provisions of the Rectorate, the FCM just last year had decided on the mixed modality for the current school year, where the theoretical classes will be virtual (synchronous or asynchronous) and the face-to-face practices in their entirety.

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