Classification of Carlos Correa’s deal with the Minnesota Twins

Carlos Correa’s wild offseason adventure has taken another surprising turn: He’s returning to the Minnesota Twins, pending a physical, of course.

After initially agreeing to terms with the San Francisco Giants, the Giants backed out over concerns about Correa’s long-term health, reportedly related to a leg injury Correa sustained in the minor leagues in 2014. Correa had confirmed in September that he has a metal plate in his leg, as a result of that surgery for a fractured fibula. Correa and agent Scott Boras quickly turned to the New York Mets, and owner Steve Cohen eagerly struck a deal while he was vacationing in Hawaii just after Christmas.

The Mets, however, ended up with similar concerns, and when negotiations over a revised contract stalled, the Twins went back and squared off a very different kind of deal with Correa:

Giants: 13 years, $350 million

Mets: 12 years, $315 million

Twins: 6 years, $200 million with a four-year, $70 million vest option

Correa ends up with less guaranteed money, but a higher AAV over the initial six seasons of $33.3 million. That bills as the 12th-highest AAV of all time and if he stays healthy, he’ll end up with a nifty $270 million.

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