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The beginning of a new year is a very important moment and a starting point to set new goals and objectives. Undoubtedly, many propose at the beginning of each year, to be able to achieve a healthier lifestyle, feel healthy and full of energy. By Dr. Estefanía Peltzer, specialist in General and Family Medicine.

Now, to begin with, it is interesting to ask yourself some questions: have you truly proposed? Are you facing a desire, or a decision? Have you worked hard to achieve it?

When you are faced with objectives or goals that you intend to achieve, it is important to be focused so that they do not remain just a mere desire, but rather that they can be transformed into a decision, that is, to take action, since, if only you remain in the desire, nothing will happen, nothing will change, you will always be in the same place.

When talking about a healthy lifestyle, it is associated with a set of habits and actions that are carried out on a daily basis, and that involve activities that cause positive effects on health, such as a correct diet, the regular practice of physical activity and proper stress management.

In that sense, food is the starting point to be full of energy. Do not forget to include all those full of vitamins and nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, water, nuts, infusions, fish, legumes, among others.

Nor should physical activity be neglected and it is necessary to remember that what is truly important is to sustain it over time. This will be essential to increase and maintain muscle tissue, today considered an endocrine tissue, due to its connection with all organs and systems through innumerable cytokines, which will improve multiple metabolic and health parameters. In addition, the movement is the main promoter of the segregation of endorphins, which will lead to that great state of energy, well-being and happiness.

Using the programming tool will always allow you to anticipate, so that external threats do not prevent or threaten a healthy lifestyle and objectives.

Work to act against hyperstress, a phenomenon that is constantly affected, and that has even normalized, without taking into account the serious consequences that it can bring to health. There are many tools to counteract it, meditation, Yoga, breathing and focus exercises, strategies that help to stay calm, temperance, control and use the power of the mind.

If at times someone feels frustrated, discouraged, that they have lost order and control, that they cannot continue or achieve it, this can be very frequent. You must remain calm, not focus on the problem, but on the solution. To be prepared, it is important to know that there are constantly factors that will threaten a healthy lifestyle. These are known as internal and external threats.

The main internal threats are the so-called automatisms, which are acts that are carried out involuntarily or unconsciously, and that are usually triggered by situations of stress, anxiety, etc. These have to do with the normal functioning of the mind. It is necessary to remember that this is made up of 95% unconscious, that is, that most of the actions are automatic, you do not consent.

On the other hand, there are external threats that are mainly caused by the environment, people, situations and external circumstances.

It is important to know that these threats are part of the current and habitual, and will always be present in the course of daily life, so the key is not to focus on them.

The truly important thing is to know that you have an incredible hidden mental power, perhaps what is used daily is just the tip of an iceberg. If you learn to use it, nothing and no one can prevent you from meeting all your objectives.

Experiencing that you are facing a new starting point, as it is a new year, is very positive, and should be the kickoff to think about new goals, but it is crucial that those goals are real and achievable in the short term. Project, think and write those goals and objectives that you want to achieve. Do not think about long-term goals or that are unattainable.

This new year you have to put into practice one of the most positive emotions for health, “Gratitude”. It is important to always visualize yourself in the place and situation that you want to be, not to forget that the mind is wonderful, and everything that is proposed in it will be achieved.

You have to remember to look at the goals and objectives, as an essential engine. But do not forget that while traveling towards them, you should enjoy everything you have experienced and traveled along the way.
NdR: Article published in the Educational Material of Icarus Centro de Salud & Longevidad, January 2023

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