Clean your arteries and burn fat easier – the perfect drink

For those who need to clear cholesterol from their arteries and burn fat faster, there is a perfect drink for you to try.

artery health drink
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When the level of bad cholesterol in the blood is a bit high, when you are overweight, maybe you have even reached a certain age, it is absolutely necessary to prevent certain types of diseases. The organism changes and, in the presence of disturbing elements, it can be in difficulty.

Thinking about your health by checking your cholesterol often is important. If the bad cholesterol is too high, a kind of plaque forms in the arteries which prevents normal blood circulation. This can cause stroke and heart attack. To avoid them it is advisable to contact your doctor and follow his instructions of course. Also, you need to pay attention to what you eat and drink.

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Surely you already know it, but there are foods and drinks that with their properties manage to be very powerful natural medicines. We see below one of these completely natural miracle drinks, useful for clearing the arteries of cholesterol and more.

Cleansing the arteries of cholesterol: the right drink to do it

A cure-all drink for arteries
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The perfect drink for this we are talking about is made from lemon and chia seeds. Both are ingredients with very strong medicinal power and, if included in a balanced diet, can give many benefits combined together. To do it here are the ingrediants:

  • 200 ml of water
  • lemon juice (half fruit)
  • 10 g of Chia seeds

Once you have everything you need, just put the chia seeds in water for a couple of hours to create a thick drink. Add the juice of half a lemon, mix well or blend if you want to grind the seeds well. At this point you can add some honey as a sweetener if you prefer.

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You can enjoy this drink both cold and hot. Generally it should be taken on an empty stomach, perhaps before the main meals of the day.

The benefits of this drink useful for cleaning the arteries but not only

Lemon benefits
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These two ingredients combined together are a real medicinal mix of great power for the body. Among his benefits we find:

  • It cleans the arteries, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure: this thanks to the presence of antioxidants present in chia seeds and thanks to the omega 3. They are able to decrease cholesterol and pressure, so as to allow the arteries to be freer. This is very important for heart health;
  • It burns fat and increases satiety: it means lose weight more easily thanks to the fibers and antioxidants present;
  • Strengthen the bones: there are many minerals, in particular it is a good source of calcium that allows you to keep your bones healthy;
  • Reduces general inflammation: this drink is a powerful anti-inflammatory, therefore omega 3 and amino acids are able to reduce pain in joints and muscles;
  • Maintains good hydration: the minerals contained in the seeds and in the juice are able to restore electrolytes in the body;
  • Helps stomach and intestines: it is a panacea for stomach acid, it can improve the work of the intestine and promote digestion.

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It is a drink capable of providing good energy support throughout the day. If you combine it with a healthy diet and a little exercise, you will see improvements for your body in no time. Of course, you should always contact a specialist first for all indications and advice for your specific state of health.

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