Clinic 25 of IMSS appointed for the treatment of 7-year-old boy suffering from hemophilia and epilepsy

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Monterrey.- biological treatment of Seven-year-old Emiliano was not suspended and had his appointment on Sunday, December 17.High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) Hospital No. 25 assured Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Following the above, ABC Noticias highlighted the irritation of the minor’s mother, Gracia Villarreal, who said that the IMSS clinic had suspended her. Treatment with medicine called HemlibraFor your son who is suffering Epilepsy and severe hemophilia type A.

The hospital indicated that Emiliano was given the last dose on November 17 and that his next appointment is with a gap of one month between each medication, complying with the schedule agreed upon at the beginning of the treatment.

While Garcia Villarreal reported that the appointment was not scheduled as reported by the IMSS Clinic 25, on the contrary, he was asked to arrive on December 10, having barely received a response, to continue the treatment.

“That day (November 17) I was called up to December 1, to talk, to see if they had their answer, if they didn’t, to effectively tell me that they had It’s not and that was because I told the doctor I didn’t. “I can wait for it, because they asked me to visit by December 10, with five days left for the renewal.”

Similarly, the Specialty Hospital explained that since it is a biologic drug, its administration in the patient requires annual renewal of authorization, so a request was sent to the Committee of Experts who are still evaluating the case.

In view of this, the mother of the minor assured that since it is a biological, this renewal should be done before the application of the last scheduled dose, and not by Clinic 25 of the IMSS, stating that the request is still Is under evaluation. ,

“If it is organic, but it must be renewed earlier or later, they must already have an answer to it, because in all organics all children, that is, both adults and minors, must already have the answer.”

Gracia Villarreal described the situation that Emiliano, who is only 7 years old, is experiencing with the condition and how the drug that did not respond to it allowed him to continue the treatment, giving him a better quality of life.

“His dose is due on December 15 to continue, if he misses it, he will have to take it again while pregnant, which means that, at that time, if the baby is without the medicine he will suffer from bleeding again Is.

Emiliano’s mother said, “Before this drug my son was always bleeding, children with severe hemophilia are always bleeding, even if they can’t be seen by you, they have internal bleeding.”

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