Club América could let another of its players go to Boca Juniors

Sunday, January 22, 2023

The America club He still hasn’t found his first win this season, which has already made the fans upset, since the two home games have ended in draws, which is naturally strange considering that they were Querétaro and Puebla, an accessible team given the power they handle the Eagles with a much larger team than theirs. However, it appears that the group led by Fernando Ortiz would be close to weakening a bit with the release of an element to Boca Juniors.

As reported by @VarskySports, Roger Martinez is once again among the list of options that the Argentines have to strengthen their squad, and they would be negotiating their hiring for this tournament, although knowing that the employment relationship with those of Coapa ends in June, they would also be comfortable waiting until the middle of the year to welcome him as a free agent.

Roger Martínez and his performance in America

Although on paper it may seem like a significant drop, it is a reality that depending on Roger today it would be illogical for EaglesWell, if he is not injured, his performance simply drops and he does not end up weighing in more than one game. That is why, despite the bad investment that letting him go without earning a lot of money would represent, the fans agree that he leave as soon as possible.

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