Club América surprises everyone and unveils its NEW MASCOT

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The eagles of america achieved an important victory in front of their fans in the Aztec stadium who joined in a single voice on six occasions to celebrate from time to time azulcreama before the Mazatlan gunboats, aspect that allowed him to climb in the general table to be in sixth place with six units, in addition to this, the official presentation of the new mascot was given.

New club America mascot

During the break of the game between the America club Y Mazatlanthe exhibition of the new Coapa mascot was made official, among a great light show that provoked an effusive response from the fans who were in the Colossus of Saint Ursula, it should be noted that here remains the image of the men’s box, while the brand new novelty will be in the games of the Women’s Eagles.

The new pet is a Eagle with a ponytail and large eyelashes that can be seen from a distance, point out that the announcement was also made through the social networks of the America club In order to maintain an interaction with the fans so that they can choose their name, among the options are: Celeste, Victoria, Avi, Ame, América, they can also propose another.

It will be until the following Monday, January 30 at 12 noon when the vote for the name of the new mascot of the America clubTherefore, it is contemplated that the new mascot will have a presence on Matchday 5 of the Clausura 2023 when the Azulcremas receive the emerald team, since they will first face Necaxa.

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