Club León announced the goodbye to Luis ‘Chapito’ Montes; Does he retire? Halftime

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Luis Montes’ stage as a León player will come to an end next Monday, January 16, the date that the emerald team will take advantage of to pay homage to it to recognize its rich history in the institution, in which He has won three Liga MX titles, in addition to achieving promotion.

At the age of 36, the nicknamed Chapito seeks new options in soccerin the midst of a revolution in the emerald institution, which is headed by Nicolás Larcamón, the club’s new strategist.

The Panzas Verdes invited the fans to be present at the Nou Camp to say goodbye to his idol, who in his prime he was considered one of the best midfielders in Mexicoalthough for at least a couple of years he has been less and more consistent on the bench.

“Let no one miss. Next Monday. Halftime. Historic moment. Goodbye captain. thank you chapito”, can be read in a video that reviews some of the great moments of Montes, who with the emerald club was a two-time champion in the Opening 2013 and Closing 2014, in addition to being in the Guardianes 2020 title.

Is Chapo Montes retiring?

According to information from Fox Sportschain that broadcasts the matches of the emerald club, Montes will now play for Everton in Chileinstitution linked to Grupo Pachucawhich has opened the doors to multiple Mexican players since that link was established.

mountains, what arrived in León in June 2011 When he was in the silver division, he became a benchmark within the institution, especially after his great contribution during the Gustavo Matosas era.

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