CNN Plus has debut and farewell: they are going to close it

A true defeat is the one that the people of Warner Bros. Discovery must face at this time, after announcing that on April 31 the platform of CNN Plus will close completely.

In information reported by Variety and by The New York Times, it is established that this Thursday, April 21, important meetings were held to end the service of the news channel.

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What is CNN Plus?

“Chris Licht, CNN’s incoming CEO, sent a memo to employees Thursday morning about “an important meeting” to be held at noon, at which time he is expected to brief employees on the decision, these reports said. persons. Licht has already told Andrew Morse, the CNN executive vice president who oversees the newly launched streaming video outlet, about the decision, these people said.

The takeoff that occurred at the end of March was so slow that the week of April 11 only 10,000 users registered on the platform were counted.

The main problems were experienced between Warner Bros. and Discovery, the former upset by putting CNN Plus on the air before making a transfer of command.

Programming was always an Achilles heel, and Axios provided an approximation to the origin of why the closure was caused:

“The problem is that CNN launched CNN+ as the Warner Bros. Discovery merger was being finalized, and the two parts of the newly formed company did not communicate their differences of opinion ahead of time. CNN executives want CNN+ to have a distinctly different menu of content than the live television version, and began developing the product before the merger was finalized. Discovery executives believe some CNN+ content could fold into the CNN app, while other material could live on HBO Max, which Discovery considers its flagship streaming service.

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