Co-defendant in case against Félix Verdejo negotiates his guilty plea

Luis Cadiz Martinezco-defendant in the federal case against former boxer Felix Verdejois in negotiations in federal court to plead guilty to charges related to the murder of Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz in 2021.

This was reported by his defense attorney, Jose Aguayo Caussade, in a motion filed last Thursday before federal judge Pedro Delgado. The lawyer asked the judge to extend until Friday, October 28, the deadline to file the motion to change the allegation from not guilty to guilty.

“Mr. Cádiz Martínez is in negotiations with the Public Ministry, which does not oppose this request”indicated Aguayo Caussade.

Judge Delgado approved the motion and set the deadline for Friday, October 28.

The possibility that Cádiz Martínez pleaded guilty could be expected, sinceand handed over to the authorities after having confessed his participation in the crime.

In May 2021, the criminal lawyer Edwin Prado indicated that Verdejo’s alleged accomplice communicated with him to inform him of what happened, which helped in his approach to the federal authorities.

“He called me, consulted me and gave me specific instructions based on the conversation. I had just participated in a program (from a media outlet) and not even half an hour passed when she called me. We talked and decided to take a course; I was his connecting thread with the federal government”Prado explained in the television program Playing Hard Ball.

When questioned about whether Cádiz Martínez negotiated something with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Prado replied that “no one helps the government for free. You expect some benefit and there is a letter that is signed. Remember that this gentleman was not on anyone’s radar, he was not a suspicious person who came and turned himself in.”

Meanwhile, the case file in the Federal Court reflects that the main moves of Verdejo’s defense have been directed at the use of “experts” as part of their preparation for the case.

However, the details are unknown because practically all of his motions for requests to Judge Delgado have been filed in a sealed manner so that it can only be seen by the robed man and others only by some parties in the case.

After the Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced in January of this year that the United States Department of Justice will not seek the death penalty in this caseVerdejo’s defense began to request authorization from the court for the hiring of experts.

After ensuring that he did not have the necessary financial resources, the court approved that he be represented by one of the lawyers that are paid for by the federal government for citizens who cannot pay for a lawyer. For that reason, the same federal program pays for experts who are authorized by the court.

In separate “ex-parte” motions, and thus sealed, Verdejo’s attorney, Jason Delgado, requested last July that the court allow him to hire two “experts.” One request was for a psychologist and the other is for a neurologist.

Then, last August, the lawyer also asked to be allowed to hire an “investigator.”

Subsequently, he submitted four other requests for documents, but asked to keep the requests sealed because they involved “personal and medical” information.

The next hearing of the case is scheduled for next November 1.

In a May 6, 2021, indictment, a federal grand jury indicted Verdejo and Cádiz Martínez for “substantial premeditated planning” to cause the death of Rodríguez Ortiz, who was pregnant.

In accordance with the amended indictmentboth face four federal criminal charges: armed robbery of a car (car jacking) resulting in death, kidnapping resulting in death, using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime, and killing an unborn child.

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