Coach Al Nassar blamed Cristiano Ronaldo for the Super Cup eliminationHalf time

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When it became known that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to play in the Saudi Arabian League, many people thought that the Portuguese, walking, was going to be able to stand out with Al Nassar. Especially when in his debut against PSG he scored a couple of goals with the Arab figures in a friendly.

Nevertheless, the luso recorded his first failure with his new teamafter they could not access the Grand Final in the Super Cup, after fall with a resounding 3-1 against Al Ittihadwhere the Bug has been pointed out as one of the main culprits of the stumbling block.

Did the Al-nassar coach blame CR7?

Rudi García, coach of Al Nassar, pointed out that a play that Cristiano Ronaldo missed was decisive in the gamesince if they had scored it, they would have avoided failure in the Super Cup.

“One of the things that changed the course of the game was Cristiano Ronaldo’s missed opportunity in the first half,” said the French strategist.

Should they focus on the League?

Currently the painting Al Nassar ranks as the leader of the competition with 33 units. However, they should not be trusted, since Al Hilal, their closest rival, has one less point, waiting for a mistake from Cristiano Ronaldo’s team.

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