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One of the most complicated moments in the history of the NFL was experienced last Monday Night Football with the terrible blow he suffered damar hamlin that caused him a heart attackso the Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor revealed one of the conversations he had with his counterpart from the Buffalo BillsSean McDermott.

What did the Bengals Coach say?

To begin with, the Cincinnati coach did not want to delve into various dialogues that existed on the field of play, but revealed that McDermott He asked to accompany his player to the hospital.

I need to be at the hospital for Damar. I shouldn’t be running this game“He declared, later adding:” He really showed who he was. All of his focus was on Damar. I really felt like Sean McDermott was leading at the time. He was there for his players. He processed it the right way, which was incredibly difficult and really helped us get to the solution we needed,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Zac Taylor highlighted the collaboration of doctors and referees

Similarly, Taylor praised the great work carried out by the medical staff of both teams like those of the league to act quickly before what happened on the gridiron and to be able to save Hamlin.

All the doctors who were involved were professionals: Bills coaches, Bills doctors, our coaches, our doctors, the paramedics, the emergency response team, they were on it. They were calm, it was obviously complicated, a situation on the field that everyone was trying to process.

Lastly, he also highlighted the referee performancewho acted correctly since there is no regulation in these cases because it is the first time that something like this has occurred, at least in the last three decades.

The umpires, Shawn Smith and his team, I think they did a tremendous job of handling a situation where there is no rule book., there are no protocols on how to handle that. Everyone on the field could feel the gravity of the situation and did a great job of stepping back, ask the Bills what they need, ask us what we needgive us the space to process, ”he declared.

The Bengals will face next Sunday the Baltimore Ravens in search of securing the title of the AFC North, waiting for what the NFL decides with the clash that was suspended against the Bills.

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