Coach of Canelo Álvarez offers help to hospitalized Atlas

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Eddy Reynosocoach of Saul “Canelo” Alvarezoffered to provide financial aid to the families of Atlas fans who are hospitalized in Querétaro, through a publication that he placed on his social networks.

Known for his closeness to the red and black team, which he encouraged and inspired throughout the 2021 Opening League with Canelo, Reynoso was not left out of the acts of violence that occurred on Saturday at the Corregidora Stadium while they faced Queretaro and Atlas.

“Good afternoon red and black family who are in Querétaro in the care of a hospitalized relative, If you need any kind of financial support, we are at your service.“Wrote the one who was considered the Best Coach in 2021.

Messages immediately appeared from a red and black follower who would need the help to form urgently, which is called Esteban Hernandez Martinezwho was one of those who was thought dead, but who is in serious condition at the General Hospital of the Queretaro capital.

He convinced Canelo to be red and black

In recent months, Eddy Reynoso has strengthened his relationship with Atlas, to whom He went to see every Liguilla match at home and even decided to travel to Leónplus it helped in the motivation to win the championship.

Prior to the Vuelta Final against the emerald team, Reynoso appeared at the Zorros concentration hotel to give a motivational speech together with Canelo.

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