Coachella. With Snoop Dog botarga, Banda MS lights up the festival

“What we have achieved we know that it is all thanks to you”, was heard on the stage of Coachella where this sunday MS He put the Sinaloan touch. Sheathed in bright gray coats, the musicians greeted the attendees and began with a song dedicated to all the countrywomen who make their lives there, on the other side: “La casita”, which in its lyrics says “How I miss seeing it rain and that seasoning of my old lady, I want to go back, but it is not the time yet”.

“And from Mazatlan, Sinaloa to Indio, California!” They shouted excitedly from that first time at the important music festival, and after the opening song they sang “Don’t stop for me”, followed by “Ojos closed”.

“The MS Band for the first time at the Coachella festival, this one goes to all those who believe in love at first sight”, they said and sang “Háblame de ti”.

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The public there, under the sun this Sunday afternoon, applauded and sang with the MS these songs that have made them one of the most outstanding bands today.

In the live chat, hundreds of people virtually applauded the set list chosen by the group and with which they were putting the Mexican flavor to the festival held in USAjust like Saturday did the Firm Group.

“The color of your eyes” and “Beautiful experience” were chanted at the top of their lungs.

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The person who took advantage of the Coachella virtual audience to launch the message “Joshua, if you’re watching this I still love you”, or who invited the “virtual peda” in his house with the music of the MS, was not lacking in the chat.

Of course, after “You’re going to miss me” the mood quickly changed by singing “El mechón”.

“These wercos turn you on and then they make you cry,” was read among the chat comments, and indeed, after the lock they sang “Don’t ask me for forgiveness.” The cameras of the place also recorded that moments before there were jumps of attendees from all latitudes, he turned in a movement of his arms in the air, of nostalgia.

After “I didn’t choose to meet you” they made the band version of “The next episode”, to make way for one of their recent hits “What a Curse”, and as it happened in the Live latinothe crowd got very excited when they shouted “snoop-dog!” because they thought that the artist would appear to sing this success with them, but only the botarga appeared and it came out on a recorded video, which disappointed some fans. Although the Mexicans did well, they even made foreigners dance.

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“How are we Coachella, we are going with a song that I know you will love and I want my partner David Cas to come with his accordion and that song is dedicated to all those rascals”, they said, and sang “La Sinvergüenza” , with which they said goodbye to Coachella.

“Thank you for this afternoon that you have given us, they are small but very significant moments,” they said by way of farewell, after seeing the Sinaloa band triumph in the neighboring country.


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