Coahuila expected to take effect from tropical depression; It Will Bring Heavy Rain – Zocalo Newspaper

Saltillo, Coa.- Heavy rain from tropical depression in Atlantic They can reduce visibility and cause a rise in the level of rivers and streams, as well as generate landslides, floods and waterlogging.

State Deputy Directorate for Civil Defense issued several recommendations, including secure doors, windows and awnings; Remove objects that could fall into the street, avoid leaving home if not necessary, avoid crossing river beds or streams, and have flashlights and candles on hand in case of possible power outages.

According to meteorologist Jose Martin Cortes, If it becomes a tropical storm, it will be named “Harold”.


Its flow towards Coahuila remains with heavy rain this morning and into the afternoon.

Forecast Potential negative urban impact in the north and center of the stateAt least until the Monclova area.

would benefit

despite the odds Negative effects in urban areas, such as flooding and dangerous water currents, this rain will be beneficial for rural areas and water bodiesHelping to reduce the effects of drought.

However, it has been emphasized the need Be alert and take necessary precautions, Especially in hilly areas prone to landslides.

saltillo too

Although no minor impact is expected in Saltillo, there is a possibility of intermittent heavy rain The Directorate of Civil Defense urged the public to exercise caution.

Director of Municipal Civil Defense, Alberto Neira Vilma, andHe called on the public to be vigilant about updating forecasts. He also called attention to reports from the National Meteorological Service on the development of the system entering through Tamaulipas.

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