Coahuila. Underwater drone could only enter three meters into the mine

Sabinas Coahuila /

Behind the latest progress report about the work of rescue of the ten miners trapped in a mine in Sabinas, It highlights that the underwater drone introduced to capture images of the interior, managed to locate the piles that obstructed the extraction of water, despite the fact that it could only enter three meters.

This afternoon a local councilor informed relatives and the media that they are ten meters from the water to be able to enter in search of the workers.

It also transpired that the underwater drone with a high-resolution camera and light that entered to capture images of the interior of the wells, could only advance three meters, because the consistency of the water is already practically muddy, so the cables got tangled up.

Nevertheless, allowed the location of a series of wooden piles that were obstructing the water extraction work in well 4so after removing them, it is expected to speed up the drainage.

Subsequently tests were carried out in well three, where it was confirmed that there are no safe conditions for the entry of people, due to poor visibility and turbulence of the water.

“Attention to families continues, providing them with food, medical and psychological services and permanent accompaniment, our love and thoughts are with them, providing them with information about the actions and their progress,” he said in a statement released by the Government of Coahuila.

For their part, relatives of the trapped miners urge the authorities to advance as soon as possible and call on actors from the three orders of government to come and get their loved ones out, since time passes and there are no positive results.

“We need support from more people, please help us, times are running out, time is worth gold inside those wellsthe people who are there are parents, they are brothers, they are children, here there are families that hurt us, please, those who are in charge inside, let them move, let what they are doing be true, “he said Claudia Tomo, relative of a trapped miner.

At the moment total 126 hours of work for the rescue of the miners, where the water level was lowered, although the flow from the Conchas Norte mine continuesthis thanks to continued pumping of water in four wells and the drilling of three additional relief wells.


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