Coercion of those involved in the death of David de los Santos

The Permanent Attention Office of the National District will know this Friday the request for preventive detention made by the Public Ministry against the four police officers and three civilians accused of the homicide of the young man David of the Saintswhile he was in the hands of the National Police.

David of the Saints He died after being savagely beaten while he was detained at the police station in the Naco sector, in the National District.

Accused of the Police

The researchers determined that in this homicide Participating, by action or omission, were Captain Domingo Alberto Rodríguez Rodríguez, Second Lieutenant Germán García de la Cruz, Corporal Alfonso Decena Hernández, and Private San Manuel González García (or Sari Manuel González García).

The accused civilians

Also, the civilians Santiago Mateo Victoriano, Michael Pérez Ramos and Jean Carlos Martínez Peñawho were being held in the jail cell of the detachment when the cops They took the victim on April 27 and entered him handcuffed from behind, after arresting him in Ágora Mall, where the security of the shopping plaza had held him, says a note from the Public Ministry.

The initial investigation was led by Kelvyn Colón, interim chief prosecutor of the National District. He establishes that the agents were in charge of the detachment and were responsible for the security and custody of young De los Santos, after he was arrested for exhibiting an alleged threatening attitude against an employee of one of the places in the square. commercial.

The file indicates that the civilians Mateo Victoriano, Pérez Ramos and Martínez Peña were associated with the cops to kill the victim, since they dealt him multiple contusive blows to the skull and to different parts of the body.

He explains that the death was provoked with the help of the copsfor the action of locking him up illegally, with his hands handcuffed behind his back and for failing to fulfill his duty as guarantor, since, contrary to acting in accordance with the law, the agents failed in their obligation and materialized a behavior of co- perpetrators against acts of torture and barbarism committed against De los Santos Correa.

The Public Ministry establishes that when the three detainees beat the victim, instead of intervening to guarantee his integrity, the police officers proceeded to spray pepper spray in the cell, which shows that “they always had control of the situation, knowledge, but above all, that they participated actively to provide the active conditions for the materialization of the imputed criminal type, for which the co-authorship of the action is configured”.

In reporting on the request for a measure, the prosecutor Colón also explained that the police agents processed the transfer of the victim to the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital with the 9-1-1 Emergency System, where, on April 29, his relatives located him and managed his transfer to Darío Contreras, where he died on May 1, as a result of the acts of torture and barbarism inferred by the accused.

He explained that the police agents, in addition to being co-authors of acts of torture and barbarity, they lied to the victim’s relatives, to whom they indicated that the young man was well in the hands of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in addition to hiding from them “in a burlesque and inhuman way, that by that date the victim was admitted in critical conditions in the Dr. Francisco Moscoso Puello Trauma Hospital, struggling between life and death, as a result of the acts of torture and barbarity committed by the accused”.

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