Cold and warm tones. How do I know which one I belong to?

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Have you ever wondered why you notice that some colors favor you more than others when dressing, dyeing your hair and even applying makeup? In the world of beauty and fashion there are rules to understand what colors favor each person to achieve the perfect look.

Regardless of the color of your skin, the tones vary between warm and cold, Just as there are makeup base subtones, that’s how the world of colorimetry works.

By using the correct color palette, the face is immediately illuminated and creates an effect of smoother and healthier skin, thus emphasizing its vitality. On the other hand, if the tones are not flattering, the face will lose its shine, dark circles and imperfections will be more visible and the lip tone will darken.


Yellow, Pink, Orange and saturated colors such as lemon green are some of the colors that favor warm tones. Some celebrities with warm undertones are: Camila Cabello, Elle Fanning and Zendaya.


Blue, green and purple are some of the tones that make up the cool tones. Some cool-toned celebrities include: Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, and Kristen Stewart.

How do I know if I’m hot or cold?

There is a quick and easy way to identify which group we belong to and you can do it from home. The most used trick is to observe the color of our veins in the part of the wrist, the tone of these will determine what our tone is.

If your veins are green, you belong to warm tones, but if blue predominates in your veins, you belong to cold tones.

So now you know, knowing what suits us best helps us make better decisions when it comes to dazzling anyone when we go out. You will soon be a fashion expert.


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