Coldplay offers energetic concert, with a wink (very free) to Juan Gabriel

He then asked his audience to dedicate the song to the most special person, the perfect ending to the performance. “Much noise, please!” He motioned for his followers to make. Human Heart was a call to unity among all, with the presence of a “fairy with blue wings”, who helped Martin to raise his voice to the universe to move all human hearts.

The set list continued to complete People of the Pride, Clocks (very chanted), infinity signin which the band transformed between robots and beings from other “spheres” and continued like this with Something Just Like Thisclosed the segment with midnight. To continue with the excitement to the fullest, Coldplay wanted to invite everyone to My Universe and the Foro Sol gladly accepted.

Another moment of pure adrenaline came from the hand of one of his greatest hits A Sky Full of Starswho stopped because he saw that a girl in the audience seemed not to feel well, once he confirmed that it was a false alarm, he asked that “for just one song, because tonight is very special and we love being here, that our souls, bodies and hearts connect”.

Chris Martin played the piano as well as the electric guitar.

To achieve this, he requested, “no technology, we need to connect, thank you!” Chris, seeing that his audience heard him, he bowed to them full of gratitude. With a Mexican flag and fireworks, the screams were deafening, but even more so when he brought a birthday girl up on stage, she couldn’t stop crying to be with her idol.

But that was not the only gesture of the British musician, who made a stop to get down from his platform and greet everyone, as well as walk to the farthest part of his catwalk to do the same. Then he addressed a heartfelt message, full of his gratitude for the efforts that people had to make to be there.

“It is important for us to say thank you to everyone for being back, we feel very special, thank you for what you had to do to be here. We played this song the first time we came 19 years ago,” he recalled. Martin and revealed that he has not been feeling very well in recent days, so they helped him sing Gravity.

The band supported Martin to sing because he has not been feeling very well.

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