Colombia will export chicken to Cuba

In the last hours it was learned that three Colombian companies received the sanitary authorization to export chicken meat to Cuba.

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMA) approved that the aforementioned companies begin to export this food to the Island.

Those that will start business with Cuba are the Operadora Avícola SAS de Girón, in Santander, and the La Cali food company. The sale of chicken will take place in different formats. It will arrive on the Island whole or depressed, refrigerated or frozen, marinated or unmarinated and marinated or not.

However, not only chicken will send the coffee country to Cuba. In addition, its offer includes other meat products, as well as chicken sausages.

Agreements between Colombia and Cuba

INVIMA clarified an important element within the agreements established by both parties. Exports will be carried out in compliance with all animal health and safety requirements agreed between the two Latin American nations.

Through its spokesperson, INVIMA commented that the Cuban market is very attractive for the international private sector. In Colombia, specifically, there are 10 entities already authorized to export milk and its derived products to the Island.

It was also known that the programming for the indicated audit visit regarding pork and beef was reactivated.

In the midst of the crisis caused by high inflation rates at the international level, Cuba is trying to reverse the situation with shortages.

For example, several weeks ago an agreement was established with Mexican entities for the shipment to the Island of pork, among other products.

Likewise, chicken meat frequently arrives in Cuba from Brazil. Exports from the United States have suffered a brake in recent months but operations with chicken meat are still maintained.

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