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Sergio Vega and his wife Paula Durán are two Huilenses who reside in California, United Statesand they are asking the authorities of Colombia and the North American country for a humanitarian visa so that the young woman’s family can accompany her soon.

The family lives in the United States with their two daughters, ages 9 and 4, but recently welcomed their third child, who had to be delivered from his mother’s womb at week 34, after she was diagnosed with cancer in the stomach and brain.

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Although little Juan José had to use an artificial respirator in the first days, he is currently in good health. Yet 27-year-old Paula continues to fight for her life in a California hospital.

Durán received the diagnosis at the end of November, after suffering severe abdominal pain and headache.. Due to his pregnancy, the doctors quickly performed several tests that indicated that his cancer was stage IV, so they performed surgery to remove a part of the tumor.

“She was like a vegetable, lying down all the time, when I accompanied her to the bathroom I had to pick her up, so on Monday, November 28, I brought her to the emergency room, we arrived around 8 in the morning and, then, they began to perform tests on her. That same day, at 11 p.m., they gave us the news that she had a tumor, ”said her husband.

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Through his social networks, Sergio has shown the process that his family has experienced in recent weeks, during which he has spent most of the time at the medical center accompanying his wife. From there he has requested donations and prayers from his followers.

However, in the last few hours Sergio released hard news about Paula’s health that the doctors told him: his cancer metastasized, since it invaded other organs and is already incurable, so they gave him a month to live.

After hearing this news, the couple thought about returning to Colombia so that Paula could be reunited with her family, but the doctors explained that traveling by plane was not convenient: “They told us that we could not fly, that if she did, with the The pressure from the height caused the brain to swell and that could cause a hernia and die,” Sergio said.

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So things, the couple is requesting help from the governments of both countries so that their relatives can travel to the United States and accompany them during this difficult time.

“I need to have Paula’s parents here, I need to have my parents here. I just had a meeting with all the doctors and they gave me news that broke my soul, it tore my heart. It is the worst news I have received in life, medically here in the hospital they are not going to do anything else. They gave my wife a month to live,” the man said.

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