Colombian Paula Durán appears on video with a heartfelt message of help

The Colombian Paula Durán published a video, through the Instagram account of her husband, Sergio Vega, in which she asks that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, attend to the plea to grant a humanitarian visa that allows her family Colombian woman to travel to the United States and accompany her in the midst of her complex health situation.

“Hello Mr. President, Mr. Biden. I want to ask you in advance that you can please move my parents and my in-laws here to the United States to be able to be with their support. Thank you very much, Mr. President, greetings to his wife, the first lady, and to all her loved ones. God bless you,” Durán said in this video:

“Here in the United States, here you don’t have to have a last name or a political friend to be taken care of,” Sergio Vega said in various interviews for the United States and Colombian media after obtaining his goal of making the case of his wife go viral, of whom he said, has one month left to live and will leave him with three minors.

In accordance with Vega, your wife has brain cancer and, barring a miracle, the doctors have said that her death is imminent in a matter of a month. For that reason, she asserted, she is pleading with the United States government to allow both her and his parents to set foot on American soil.

Paula Durán's mother asks President Gustavo Petro for help
Paula Durán’s mother asks President Gustavo Petro for help – Photo: Instagram: Sergio Vega/WEEK

“She is 100% aware of what is happening, she is clinging to life,” said her husband, noting that, due to the publication of a video he made, his followers multiplied by thousands and tens of thousands. media people have written to him stating that they will help him with his contacts to achieve the purpose. “Andrea Petro, that woman is wonderful, she connected me with the Foreign Ministry, with the consul,” Vega said, indicating that, for example, the daughter of President Gustavo Petro communicated with him and managed to get the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to speak out.

He also said that he has given many interviews in the US media on behalf of Colombian actresses living in that country. “Going viral helps push,” she said. For now, he said, her wife is home and he has stopped working to be with her. Because of this, he explained, he has found it difficult to pay the rent of $2,150 that he pays on his San Francisco residence.

The Colombian Sergio Vega asks for a humanitarian visa for his in-laws and his parents to be by his side and his wife
The Colombian Sergio Vega asks for a humanitarian visa for his in-laws and his parents to be by his side and his wife – Photo: Instagram @sergiovega228711

Sergio Vega migrated to the northern country a few years ago to look for a better future, but life surprised him and his wife Paula. She was diagnosed with stomach and brain cancer. They migrated to the United States from Neiva in May 2022 along with their other two children. But when they got there they found out that Paula was pregnant. In routine medical examinations, they found that Paula suffered from the harsh disease.

In order for their son to survive, they had to perform a C-section and he was born a premature baby. She then had to have an operation to remove the tumor, but the cancer is at a very advanced and therefore his death seems imminent. “I am asking that Paula’s mom and dad be here in the United States, they gave me news, the worst news I have ever received in my life. Now here my wife is not going to do anything else medically in the hospital, they gave her a month to live and I’m taking her home,” Vega said through tears.

“I ask you to help me, we need my parents-in-law and my parents here […] It hurts me to see how every day your body is consumed, the truth is heartbreaking […] I have written to the president, I have written to everyone on Instagram to help me with that humanitarian visaso that they are here, so that I can bring them and that my wife can have her last days with her family in harmony”, he assured.

This was the statement from the Foreign Ministry on the matter:

The Ministry of Foreign Relations informs that, since learning about the case of the Vega Durán family and on direct instructions from Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva Durán, it has been in permanent contact with Mr. Sergio Vega, who has been provided with the necessary accompaniment to through the Directorate of Consular Affairs.

In accordance with the humanitarian assistance provided in these cases, the Colombian Foreign Ministry has already filed with the United States Embassy in our country the request for a humanitarian visa for the relatives of Paula Andrea Durán. We will continue to accompany Paula Andrea, Sergio and his entire family in whatever they need, in accordance with the protocols for assistance to Colombians in vulnerable situations. We regret the situation they are experiencing and we will do everything possible so that Paula can be with her parents.

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