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Last January 26, Hellen Pachon Duran, A 21-year-old Colombian national was riding a motorcyclist on a street in the city of Miami, United States, when a van ran over her, it caused multiple fractures and injuries and, most seriously, brain death.

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Hellen migrated to the United States a year ago and had her whole life ahead of her. She today she is evicted in a intensive care unit at Broward Health North Hospital in Miami.

Paola Durán, mother of the Colombian, asks for the solidarity of the Colombian government to go and accompany her daughter since she is practically alone in the North American country at this very difficult time. A friend of Hellen’s has been keeping an eye on her, but the presence of a relative of hers is required of her.

“She has lacerated her two lungs, her two legs, femur, tibia and fibula are broken, she has three broken ribs, but the most serious thing about the case is that she has cerebral edema. The doctors say that it is useless, that there is nothing to do”, Durán recounted.

This distraught mother will ask the United States embassy in Bogotá to grant her a humanitarian visa so that she can travel and see her daughter.

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The Colombian consulate in Miami is already aware of this case and, according to Hellen’s mother, has offered her collaboration to request an emergency travel permit to Miami.

This is a case similar to that of the Colombian Paula Durán, who died of two cancers, one of the stomach and the other of the brain, in the United States last week. The 27-year-old died two days after her parents arrived to accompany her, thanks to a visa given to them by the United States embassy.

The hospital asks for a companion

Hellen’s mother stated that the hospital where her daughter is located requires the permanent presence of a companion for her daughter due to her delicate clinical condition.

In addition, the medical center requires the presence of a relative of the young woman. to authorize the different medical procedures that they should practice on her.

“The doctors tell me that they will keep it connected until I arrive,” revealed Durán.

Nothing is known about the driver of the van that hit Hellen. Except that he left the scene of the accident and did not help the young Colombian.

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