Colombian with cancer in the US received good news; famous lawyer took on his case

Sergio Vega, who decided to migrate to the United States to seek a better future with his family, continues to ask for help so that the parents of his wife, Paula Durán, who was diagnosed with head cancer, can travel to see her as soon as possible. .

Faced with this complex situation, the Colombian decided to share a video on his official Instagram profile and confirmed that his sentimental partner was given only one month to live. In addition, he asked the national government for help so that his relatives are given a humanitarian visa.

“I am asking that Paula’s mom and dad be here in the United States. They gave me news, the worst news I have ever received in my life. Now here my wife is not going to do anything else medically in the hospital, they gave her a month to live and I’m taking her home,” Vega expressed.

This week, however, the man from Huila received very good news because the lawyer Jessica Domínguez, known as the angel of justice, took over his wife’s case.

According to the lawyer, the Immigration and Nationality Act has a section that allows “inadmissible” foreigners to enter the United States temporarily. Likewise, she indicated that this is applied when there is an urgent humanitarian reason.

Thank you for teaching us the true meaning of love. We have seen so much love that you have for your wife, the strength that inspires us to move forward and here I am to tell you that together we are going to fight so that God gives you that desire of your heart, because there is no worse fight than not knowing does. Faith moves mountains and we are going to fight together,” he initially indicated.

Jessica Domínguez is an expert lawyer on immigration issues
Jessica Domínguez is an expert lawyer on immigration issues – Photo: Instagram: Jessica Dominguez
Sergio and Paula's third child was born when his wife had already been diagnosed with brain and stomach cancer
Sergio and Paula’s third child was born when his wife had already been diagnosed with brain and stomach cancer – Photo: Instagram @sergiovega228711

Later, Domínguez added on the BBC: “We are making a direct call to the Joe Biden government. They have the power to change this situation. Humanitarian reasons must be presented and in this case we have so many. There is enough evidence to apply for a humanitarian visa.”

Sergio Vega shared a video last Tuesday in which his sentimental partner appears asking the President of the United States to heed the plea to grant his relatives a humanitarian visa.

“Hello Mr. President, Mr. Biden. I want to ask you in advance that you can please move my parents and my in-laws here to the United States to be able to be with their support. Thank you very much, Mr. President, greetings to his wife, the first lady, and to all her loved ones. God bless him,” said Pula Durán.

Colombian Paula Durán appears on video with a heartfelt message of help
Colombian Paula Durán appears on video with a heartfelt message of help – Photo: Photo of the video published from the Instagram account of Sergio Vega

Statement from the Foreign Ministry

The Colombian Foreign Ministry, for its part, assured this Monday through a press release that it established contact with Sergio and that the process of the humanitarian visa that he urgently requested is already being advanced.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that, Since learning about the case of the Vega Durán family and on direct instructions from Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva Durán, he has been in permanent contact with Mr. Sergio Vega, who has been provided with the necessary support through the Consular Affairs Department.

We will continue to accompany Paula Andrea, Sergio and their entire family in whatever they need, in accordance with the protocols for assistance to Colombians in vulnerable situations. We regret the situation they are experiencing and we will do everything possible so that Paula can be with her parents ”I know read in the document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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