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Please don’t throw stones at me, the quote that serves as the title of this column is not mine. Nor is it that of a follower of voyeurism who dreams of seeing women walking around topless. To my great surprise, this call for the liberation of breasts comes from Isabelle Charest, Minister for the Status of Women in Quebec.


Minister Charest’s call followed an incident that had occurred a few days earlier in a park in Quebec City. Taking advantage of a beautiful, warm spring day, Éloÿse Paquet Poisson, a 21-year-old young woman, decided to stroll through the grounds of Jardin Jean-Paul L’Allier with her breasts uncovered. Quite simply.

But now the municipal police decided to intervene by asking the young woman to kindly cover her breasts, which she refused to do. Ms. Paquet Poisson retorted that she had every right to do so and that it was a permitted practice.

Indeed, to my great surprise, it is not forbidden for women to walk in public places topless, as long as the whole thing is not accompanied by “indecent” actions, which was not the case. The young Quebecer was therefore able to continue to enjoy the beautiful day in complete freedom.


You can imagine that this little incident was not going to stop there. Immediately, a Montrealer, Alice Lacroix, took the ball on the rebound and decided to organize a big demonstration of support to make it a feminist cause to defend.

Thus, next Sunday, June 19, a demonstration will take place in Montreal during which women are invited to appear topless. Everything will take place in Parc du Mont-Royal, where the tam-tam players gather to enliven the crowd every Sunday. Lively music, dancing and topless, all the elements will be present to make this day a great celebration.

Mrs. Lacroix declared: “For me, this action is also to take control of our body as a woman.”


Dear friends, forget the pandemic, forget the war in Ukraine, forget the increase in the cost of living and do not think about the upcoming provincial elections because, currently in Quebec, the vital question, the cause to be defended at all costs is the right of women to walk around topless in public places.

As for voyeurs, you no longer need to go to strip clubs or watch porn movies, you just have to go to the parks of Quebec hoping to meet topless women.

Proponents of this practice claim that if men have the right to walk bare-chested, why shouldn’t women be the same?


If the question tickles some, it must be recognized that elsewhere in the world, especially in Europe and Africa, it is common to observe topless women on the beaches around swimming pools or in parks.

To date, this has not been the custom in Quebec and even in North America. I still remember the scandal created by Janet Jackson during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show when Justin Timberlake revealed a breast to her, supposedly by accident. Since the beginning of the world, customs have been called upon to change. Might as well get used to the idea.

Allow me to share with you a personal experience that I had in the 80s, when I participated in an industrial fair in Dakar, Senegal.

Installed at my hotel, I go to the beach and the swimming pool where I note with surprise that almost all of the women have bare breasts. Unaccustomed to this practice, I humbly confess to you that I regretted only seeing out of one eye (yes, I have been blind in one eye since birth).

During the first days, I was worried that I would run out of space in my jersey. But, and I swear it’s true, after two or three days, I hardly noticed this phenomenon anymore and I had found all the necessary space in my jersey.

If some models sometimes attracted my intention, others would have benefited from wearing the upper part of their bikini, because the law of gravity was at work.

At the end of my stay, I came to the conclusion that a gift is often more beautiful when it is wrapped, especially when I think of the pleasure I will have in unwrapping it.

I can already imagine what will happen next Sunday in Montreal, the upcoming media coverage and the presence of many voyeurs. We’ll make a big deal out of it and we won’t know which saint to turn to.

But, in the end, if the practice is not prohibited, if women freely decide to display their breasts in public, it is up to them and them alone to make the decision.

I allow myself to inform you that I do not plan to go to Montreal next Sunday. And you?

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