Comedian Adele Exarchopoulos meets with the editors of Papotin.

“Révélée au grand public en 2013” with the film “The Life of Adele”, a film dedicated to the “Palme d’Or” and “Cesar du Mailer”, “A Woman’s Love”, Adele Exarchopoulos is an advertisement for the films “Animal Power” and “I Believe” into these images” Anna.

On the same day, January 6, at 20:30, France 2 will premiere the 2024 invitation to the magazine Les rencontres du Papotin.

Here face to face with the editors of Papotin, the outstanding actress in the entire franchise and conversations about their passions, about family or about the mutual understanding of their son in childhood. An opportunity for everyone to experience a unique moment and joy at the end of Eddie de Pretto’s presence.

Le Papotin is a magazine created in 1990 by Driss El Kesri, a teacher at the d’Antoni Hospital. Among the 53 journalists were problems with the ghost of autism. Tous les mercredis matin, les mercredis matin, les atypiques se retrouvent for une une conférence de animée Julien Banquillon, editor, publication chef and psychologist. Discusses articles and interviews with people making up the new edition of the magazine. In 2022, Kiosco.TV and Quad+TEN, based on an original idea by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, launched 2 television formats inspired by the magazine in France.

Photo © Elise Llinares – France Télévisions.

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