Comment on Kanye West’s “remix” of Tadao Ando’s architectural jewelry.

The three of you, a multi-talented rapper, top producer, fashion mogul and entrepreneur who previously knew the name Kanye West, is a character that has been causing controversy in recent years for the purpose of political declarations – acheté pour la modique somme de 57.3 million dollars (instead of 53 million euro) is a house signed by Tadao Ando, ​​on the ocean in Malibu. La Résidence n’est plus à present qu’une coquille vide, dépouillée de alle des les elements qu’on trouve habituellement dans une maison – adieu portes, fenêtres, salle de bains, plumbing and electricity.

The house is now on the market for $39 million (€36.4 million) – at the start of the sale, where – four months later than Kanye’s (which is only available for sale) $53 million, in this debut of Anna. . Tadao Ando considers this house “classic”. Ron Radziner, a Los Angeles architect who worked with the legendary Pritzker laureate on the Ouvrages aux États-Unis project, confirmed that the Japanese star architect is “l’aime vraiment.” Alors pourquoi Kanye West sold this architectural joy? Comment: l’édifice en est-il arrivé à cet état de nudité totale?

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Nous n’aurons sans doute never advertises answers, but most suits them New Yorker our eclair un peu. Selon l’article, le rappeur avait pour projet de “remixer” la maison, pour reprendre les termes de l’écrivain Ian Parker. Kulapat Yantrasast, the architect who worked in Tadao Ando’s office and at the same time as Kanye’s pendant, stated his New Yorker : J’admire vraiment ce que Ye essayait de fair (avec la maison)”, in utilitarian “The design is based on its own architectural language. »

Celon le New YorkerKanye’s architectural language is heavily influenced by the masters of minimalism, not Tadao Ando lui-même, or encore l’artiste James Turrell, surtout connu pour ses Heavenly spaces, ces abris augustes conçus dans une confidently thrifty, aux plafonds ouverts sur le ciel. Disséminés dans le monde entier, du Japan au Mexique, les Heavenly spaces Terrell is typically responsible for current household equipment such as fencing and plumbing, HVAC systems: “Nous vivrons tous (one day) in the vastness of Terrell”, a d’ailleurs tweeted Kanye.

Tadao Ando’s house in front of Kanye West’s work.

TikTok: @newyorker

Tadao Ando’s house in front of Kanye West’s work.

TikTok: @newyorker

The master’s word: le dépouillement

Trying to believe that this is real minimalism, Kanye Aura pointed out to the entrepreneur who is responsible for the house, which has no kitchen, no bathroom, no air conditioning, no fenetres, no eye devices and toilets. . Il en aurait appelé à plusieurs repeats clearly and simply. “Il voulait que chaque chose existence for her meme” confirm Tony Saxon, who worked on Kanye’s Malibu house. “Simple, fresh and clean” Lui Aurait Donné Kanye for freight transport, tout frais tout propre en d’autres termes.

Converting stairs into a slide

Today, according to the article, Kanye used large pads of mousse to transform a large indoor staircase into a slide. Tony Saxon was not involved in installing the mousse on the marches, but also announced it. New Yorker qu’on lui avait of the required assistance for a pensioner.

Integral painting

Tony Saxon was always responsible for the floors, cabinets, posters, etc. on the black marble and white background in the bath room, in a house that contains one of the most vibrant shade palettes. Kanye’s current wife, Bianca Censori, who will receive a Master of Architecture from the University of Melbourne in 2020, explained to the entrepreneur that Kanye is not voulait “pas que le bois is so obvious.” After testing the paint on part of the wood, Kanye Aurait demanded that the conscientious entrepreneur shoot all the wood and marble of the house. Il également enlevé enlevé deux cheminées en Metal, les balustrades en verre, toutes les fenêtres et les portes, ainsi que le chauffage et la plumbing.

Kanye’s architectural aspirations

I am sure that Kanye, who is the pinnacle of his career, respects the fact that a musician and a fashion creator is the best solution, as an artist, as an architect. Il s’intéresse depuis longtemps à ce Domaine; He briefly frequented the Chicago Academy of the Arts and Chicago State University before his music ordination. Cancel article New Yorkerson has been flirting with architecture since childhood, when he rents out the local Barnes & Noble to create examples d’ANNOUNCEMENT.. I was invited to Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2013 to talk to my son about the discipline. And it’s good that we know what the concept of soient parfois mitigés is, the Hidden Hills house that the rapper shares with Kim Kardashian – housing épurée et minimal – perhaps without an answer that will be considered as Réussite. (For this project a pair of assistant beneficiaries are Axel Vervoordt, Claudio Silvestrin and Vincent Van Duysen, as well as other co-authors.)

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