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Méga-Carchacrok is a great raid boss in Pokémon Go. Discover your favorite Pokémon and the best Pokémon to conquer.

Mega-Raids are an exciting activity in Pokémon Go and one of the most popular PvE challenges for players with a strong feeling.

If you join the third name players who love the Dragon/Sun Pokémon Carchacrok, don’t miss the opportunity to opt for the mega version in Pokémon Go Raids, which will allow you to capture a Carchacrok, but also obtain the Mega. -Energy price is not necessary to obtain the Méga-Carchacrok.

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Before thinking about rewards, I still want to come to Mega-Carchacrok. Here you will find all the tips to help you get started easily.


Mega-Carchacrok in Pokémon GoNiantic

Méga-Carchacrok problems and resistances in Pokémon Go

Here is a chart that summarizes the difficulties and resistances of Mega-Carchacrok in Pokémon Go.

As much as Pokémon Dragon and Sun, Carchacrok and 3 difficult creatures, there is a limit here considering the panel of Pokémon capable of easily changing them.

Néanmoins, Carchacrok a une double faiblesse au type Glace, significant qu’il subit 256% des dégâts des attaques de ce type. You can buy the gold, this is the type Glace you need to go through to make this Carchacrok bouchee!

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Mega-Carchacrok attacks in Pokémon Go

To easily defeat a raid boss in Pokémon Go, it is important to establish the set of attacks that are at your disposal. In fact, you can always find certain Pokémon in their arsenal of attacks so you can surprise them by their type.

These are the attacks that do not have Méga-Carchacrok in Pokémon Go:

Immediate attacks on Méga-Carchacrok

  • Tir de Boué (Sun)
  • Draco Tail (Dragon)

Attacks carried out by Méga-Carchacrok

  • Seisme (Sun)
  • Deflagration (Feu)
  • Tourbi-Sable (Sun)
  • Colere (Dragon)

The most dangerous attack against Carchacrok is the explosion. In fact, this Feu-type charged attack can deal a huge amount of damage to your Glace-type Pokémon. It’s not even a risk to take advantage of this raid boss’s double Glace failure.

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The best players to play Mega-Carchacrok in Pokémon Go

Here you have a selection of the best Pokémon to fight against Mega-Carchacrok, as well as the best attacks and immediate charges:

We have included in our contest list a mix of Pokémon Mega Volumes, Legendary Pokémon, and Classic Pokémon so that all players can find in their collection an effective monster to conquer Mega-Carchacrok.

If you do not have any Pokémon cities on the main page, this means that you have no chance of recovering the Raid. Take your best Pokémon to an advanced element against Méga-Carchacrok and you will also appreciate the chances of finding yourself accompanied by other sideboards.

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