Commission analyzes projects on freedom of expression

The Advisory Commission for the Freedom of expression met for the first time yesterday since President Luis Abinader created it by decree, 9 days ago, on an honorary basis.

The commission, meeting in the Listín Diario, will be in charge of presenting a draft law to the Executive Power to update legislation in force on freedom of expression.

The lawyer and journalist Namphi Rodríguez, who chairs it, and the other members, Miguel Franjul, Inés Aizpún Viñes, Persio Maldonado, Luis Eduardo Lora Iglesias (Huchi), Edith Febles Batista, Eric Raful Pérez, Hermógenes Acosta de los Santos, Miguel Ángel Prestol González, Jimena Conde Jiminián, Aurelio Henríquez, Elvira Lora Peña and Gabriela Beltré.

“The UNESCO representative in the country expressed to me the interest of this entity in working hand in hand with this commission to improve the Republic freedom of expression laws”, as well as the rapporteur for the freedom of the press of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Rodríguez said.

The commission unanimously approved the proposal presented by UNESCO. In addition, the regional entity offered the advisory commission three types of legal and specialized aid. Lawyers and journalists created different subcommittees to create a bill that regulates freedom of expression in the written, printed and digital media.

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