COMPANY / What does aesthetic medical treatment of the perioral area offer?, at Clínica Sánchez Peral

What does aesthetic medical treatment of the perioral area offer?, at Clínica Sánchez Peral

Maintaining youthful and attractive skin is one of the most common aspirations among men and women, as they age and the effects of aging begin to be felt. To combat this situation caused by the passage of time, bad habits or climatic conditions, an effective solution is to resort to the alternatives offered by aesthetic medicine. This branch of medicine offers a wide variety of treatments that achieve optimal and effective skin care.

Those who wish to opt for this type of treatment, such as that of the perioral area, which includes the bar code and lips, can do so at the Sánchez Peral Clinic, located in the province of Castellón. Its center has spacious and innovative spaces, which are also equipped with the most advanced technology to offer each of its patients a personalized service tailored to their needs.

Treatments used in the perioral area: barcode and lips

The lips and the wrinkles around them, an area also known as the perioral area, represent one of the most frequent queries in facial aesthetic medicine. Treatments to improve this area are chosen according to the requirements of each person.

Among the procedures used is lip rejuvenation or augmentation, in which resorbable hyaluronic acid is used, which restores lip hydration and creates greater volume. This treatment allows the profiling of the lips, their increase or the gloss effect, which also serves to correct asymmetries in the lips.

As for the well-known barcode or perioral wrinkles, hyaluronic acid also fulfills its function of moisturizing and giving elasticity to said area, eliminating wrinkles, smoothing the skin with optimal results and allowing a natural appearance at the end of the treatment.

Reasons to choose Dr. Beatriz Sánchez Peral to undergo aesthetic medical treatments

The specialist in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine has the training and accreditation to offer effective treatments with maximum safety.

The current Spanish legislation states that the Aesthetic Medicine care units are those in which “a doctor is responsible for performing non-surgical treatments, with the aim of improving body or facial aesthetics” and that, therefore, the only professionals who can exercise the aesthetic medicine in centers authorized for this are the doctors.

Dr. Beatriz Sánchez Peral has a degree in medicine from the University of Valencia and a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. She has extensive experience in facial and body aesthetic medical treatments, having worked in several clinics before opening her own center in the city of Castellón. The Sánchez Peral Clinic has ample spaces for the comfort of patients, always preserving their confidentiality and coupled with the continuous acquisition of the most advanced and innovative technologies in the sector, thus allowing us to give the best results to each patient and with the premise of naturalness.

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