COMPANY / Who is Alek Angelov?, the Marketing expert that everyone talks about

Who is Alek Angelov?, the Marketing expert that everyone talks about

Marketing expert Alek Angelov has built a significant name for himself in the digital market and social networks. Today, Angelov has a community of over 90,000 followers on his Instagram @alek.octopus and a degree of interaction with netizens that has surpassed all past expectations of him. Recently, he has even been recognized for his impact on the business world with the prestigious Crea award, along with other renowned names such as Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio or Mila Kunis.

His personal story has inspired thousands of his followers in the development of their life project and was the starting point for the creation of the CEO Sphere project. A training platform for sales, marketing and personal branding that has helped more than 1,000 students to consolidate their businesses both online and offline.

Two important turns in his life

Angelov is a graduate of the University of Kent, England, and his passion for acting led him to abandon his career and focus on his training as a dramatic artist. He returned to Spain to form his own acting company. After achieving relative success in this field for about six months, the pandemic invited him to take another turn in his life, starting a business on Instagram without any knowledge of positioning and brand management. It is at this time that he meets Robbie Murray and, between them, they design and consolidate what today has become an international business training school, operating in up to 50 countries.

In his alliance with Murray, Angelov has managed to strengthen his knowledge as a business consultant and train as an expert in Sales and Marketing. The companies that have hired him as a private consultant have closed commercial deals of up to 850,000 dollars, which has represented an exponential increase in their growth rates. Angelov has also worked with large, high-end multinationals, and his extensive professional career has allowed him to live in more than three countries and speak four languages ​​fluently.

Marketing expert and CEO trainer

As the founder of CEO Sphere, he has taken it upon himself to teach his students about sales, marketing, and brand management. Together with his partner, they are continually devising new learning strategies to help more entrepreneurs and content creators become the CEOs of their lives. Anyone who wants to learn from Alek Angelov and his partner, Robbie Murray, just check out the training programs offered by CEO Sphere on their website and choose the one that best suits their business pursuits or personal expectations.

People who want can follow Alek on his Instagram @alek.octopus to learn more about Marketing and Sales.

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