Compilation of scenes that traumatized us during childhood

You’re taking a look at Twitter and, suddenly, an interesting proposal from Reflecting Series.

Let’s make a thread with scenes (movies or series) that traumatized us during childhood“.

Obviously, when someone talks about traumas, television, movies and childhood, they make it clear that (at least in most cases) belongs to the generation of the 80when minors had wine poured on their bread, rapeseed oil was stoked on them, they were allowed to play stone throwing in the park or they were allowed to watch movies or series that, decades later, they still remember as something traumatic.

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Yes, they were other times, but when someone defends them as better, at least that statement will have to be questioned. Also, in the 80s there was no Internet and, consequently, there was no Twitter. There couldn’t be better times.

Either way, the thread has given rise to dozens of tweeters taking their ghosts out of the closetnever better said, and record two realities.

The first, there are scenes that can mark you for life.

The second, indeed, almost everyone who has entered that thread, They pull movies or series from the 80s.

In case someone doesn’t remember, that generation saw a lady who was a lizard disguised as a human, eat a two-foot rat bareback. Definitely, in that aspect we have come out better, not like after the pandemic.

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