Complete 2023 Hall of Fame Voting Results

Third baseman Scott Rolen was the only one of 28 candidates on the BBWAA ballot for Hall of Fame election in reaching the necessary 75%according to results announced Tuesday night on MLB Network.

Rolen will join Fred McGriff, who was unanimously elected by the 16-member Baseball Contemporary Era Committee in December, for the 2023 inductee duo. The induction ceremony will be July 23 in Cooperstown, New York.

The candidates needed 292 votes to be elected. Here are the full BBWAA ballot results:

The candidates needed 292 votes to be elected. Here are the full BBWAA ballot results:

Scott Rolen: 297 votes, 76.3%
Todd Helton: 281 votes, 72.2%
Billy Wagner: 265 votes, 68.1%
Andruw Jones: 226 votes, 58.1%
Gary Sheffield: 214 votes, 55%
Carlos Beltrán: 181 votes, 46.5%
Jeff Kent: 181 votes, 46.5% (last year on the ballot)
Alex Rodriguez: 139 votes, 35.7%
Manny Ramirez: 129 votes, 33.2%
Omar Vizquel: 76 votes, 19.5%
Andy Pettitte: 66 votes, 17%
Bobby Abreu: 60 votes, 15.4%
Jimmy Rollins: 50 votes, 12.9%
Mark Buehrle: 42 votes, 10.8%
Francisco Rodríguez: 42 votes, 10.8%
Torii Hunter: 27 votes, 6.9%

(Players who received less than 5% will be off the ballot)

Bronson Arroyo: 1 vote, 0.3%
R.A. Dickey: 1 vote, 0.3%
John Lackey: 1 vote, 0.3%
Mike Napoli: 1 vote, 0.3%
Huston Street: 1 vote, 0.3%
Matt Cain: 0 votes, 0%
Jacoby Ellsbury: 0 votes, 0%
Andre Ethier: 0 votes, 0%
JJ Hardy: 0 votes, 0%
Johnny Peralta: 0 votes, 0%
Jered Weaver: 0 votes, 0%
Jayson Werth: 0 votes, 0%

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