Concern in Puerto Rico for recommending stem cells for anterior cruciate ligament injury

Fake news in the orthopedic area would be encouraging patients with this type of injury to inject stem cells as a treatment.

The factors that influence the development of the injury are cutting movements, changes of direction or pivots. Photomontage: Journal of Medicine and Public Health

The breaking of ACL It is a common injury in young athletes. Factors that influence the predisposition for this type of problem to occur that affect athletes are usually cut movements, changes of direction or pivots.

Thus, games such as soccer, basketball, hockey, among others, become a risk factor for those who practice these activities. Injuries can usually only be treated with surgeries that vary depending on the severity of the injury.

The doctor Peter Tor Saadeis a recognized specialist in sports and reconstructive medicine in the region, who has been working since 2005 in these specific cases of orthopedics. In a video uploaded to his social network Facebookthe specialist assures that this procedure that has become so famous on social networks, in which stem cells are injected into the affected area for its presumed recovery, is false, specifying that the biology of the human being does not allow this treatment, without going through another therapeutic alternative, ensure the union of the ligaments, and less by injecting only stem cells.

How to treat it

To define a candidate for treatment, the biological age of the patient must be taken into account, if he suffers from arthritis or other discomforts, and finally the method to be followed must be determined. However, the intervention that is performed most frequently is on patients who have a high sports performance, and consists of joining the ligament through a surgical procedure, either by means of the own or external tissue.

Another of the methods used to correct this injury, according to the orthopedist Pedro Tort, is injecting a biological supplement that helps the growth of the ligament. This procedure is invasive, that is, it requires suturing, injecting and also helping with other elements that allow the stability of the knee while the ligament heals and can stand on its own.

Another way is by using a biological membrane around the ligament, and there inject stem cells. This procedure only brings benefits to people who still have a place to hold the membrane.

In the words of the doctor: “If the rupture of the ligament leaves a fairly long cavo in the distal part, that is to say, that there is enough ligament to sew it or put the membrane to stick it to the other end, this procedure can be carried out. But if the cavos they are broken, in poor condition, if the injury is chronic, or if the piece that remains is very small, it cannot be done”.

Most people affected by this injury recover knee function, as long as there is an accompaniment of specialists. Thus, soccer players such as Maradona, Ronaldo, Radamel Falcao, among others, had in the development of their careers as professionals, this impediment that took them away from the fields for a while while they recovered.

It is important to emphasize that these processes should only be carried out by a specialist, so that these types of injuries do not progress and instead of improving they can cause irreversible damage to the cartilage or ligament.

Doctor Pedro Tort, in his video of Facebookends by calling attention to people who have fallen into the delusion of thinking that the ACL can be cured in this way, noting that there is no study to verify the veracity of the process, in addition to explaining why this is not possible and narrating the different alternatives that exist to cure this condition.

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