Concert Week: The Solution to Getting Tickets for Taylor Swift

this week starts concert weekglobal initiative for D.F. Entertainment To get stamp Of shows that have already sold out, it will happen in argentina first time More music lovers will now have another chance to buy tickets for concerts Taylor Swift, red Hot Chili Peppers, weekend And Roger Waters,

The long-awaited opportunity for those who regretted missing out on concerts Memorial Stadium or will it start with festivals Wednesday 8 August start on 10:00, from there August 11On all sites of the production company they will provide information on how to get Early access, backstage tours, merchandising, access to sound checks and by VIP or Meet & Welcome Package,

the explanation:

Although tickets were sold out at the time, work continued until recently river court (such as the expansion of Belgrano stalls) allows another batch Considering the increase in locations.

simultaneously, Details of each show—and its associated benefits—will be revealed at randomBy Once And without prior notice, That is to say: the first user who buys it gets to keep it, because there is only one chance to profit.

Last and main: is not a Fresh saleswhich means there will be no discount, The only advantage is the possibility to buy tickets for a specific show – with a bit of luck – without a virtual queue.

cast included

Of course, this also includes Swifties that they were forced out of it due to high demand Eras Tour, but also for lovers red hot who want to hear the band again outside the festival and with the return John Frusciante,

These shows were sold out for a short period of time and had a huge impact. But they are not the only ones: Roger Waters, weekendtickets for Lollapalooza Argentina 2024, as well as concerts by Argentine artists you point it out to me one of two so bionic,

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