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2022 was an unforgettable year for Bogotá. District entities and businessmen demonstrated their ability to manage, organize, and keep up with multiple international concerts and festivals that positioned Colombia as a new destination for lovers of culture, entertainment and spectacle.

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the city registered an artistic explosion both in production and in attendance at events. This was reflected not only in the emotion and adrenaline of the Bogotá public, but also in The ticket office which, in most cases, had sold out with about 20,000 attendees per concert.

An example is the more than 125 shows performed in the year by Wasteland and Island Presentssister companies of Sueño Estéreo, which registered more than 605,000 attendees between events like Stereo Picnic, with 110,000 people; the Cordillera Festival, with 60,000; the Baum Festival, with 40,000; the knotfestwith 18,000, and the expected return of Guns N’ Rosesafter his last and legendary concert in 1992, with 87,000, taking into account the two dates in the state The Campin.

Undoubtedly these events not only enrich the cultural offer of the capitalbut they have also been one of the main engines of economic recovery, generate direct jobs in logistics, food, hotel, tourism, transport and indirect services with the informal economywith each shirt, cap or souvenir sold outside the stages.

Vendor with a Slash hat on the outskirts of El Campín.

“A piece of information about the Estéreo Picnic Festival is that between 7,000 and 8,000 people come from abroad solely and exclusively for that festival during that weekend. These people stay in hotels, go to restaurants and enjoy the entertainment offer in Bogotá”, he mentions. miguel santacolomaDirector of Communications wasteland presentswho told EL TIEMPO that the economic balance in 2022 was very positive and it’s been one of the best in years.

Festival Estéreo Picnic and Guns N’ Roses were the ones that left the most important box offices.

Other concerts recorded good attendance. It is the case of Coldplay with 88,000, the Campín (44,000 per day); Dua Lipa with 40,000, in Salitre Mágico; Bad Bunny with 40,000, in the El Campín stadium; rosalia Y C.Tanganaeach with around 14,000, at the Movistar Arena.

strengthening the industry

Nicolai Fella, lead singer of the PetitFellas


Laura Bohórquez School of Journalism

Last year was not only the consolidation of festivals and venues like the Movistar Arena, but also the emergence of projects like the Live Coliseum and the Cordillera Festival. On the one hand, the multipurpose stage, located in Cota, 1.5 kilometers from the Guadua bridge on Calle 80, hosted 11 relevant events with 410,000 tickets sold in just five months since its opening, last August.

This balance is supported by the figures presented by DANE, where it is mentioned that in the third semester of the year GDP grew 7 percent compared to the same period in 2021. But the most interesting thing is that artistic activitiesentertainment and recreation had a growth of 37 percentcontributing 1.2 points to GDP.

The British artist suspended his presentation for about 20 minutes when he detected that there would be problems among the public.


EL TIEMPO Multimedia School

Among the outstanding concerts of the Colosseum Live, whose construction invested more than 300,000 million pesosthey were The Killers, with 13,883 attendees; Arctic Monkeyswith 20,523, and Harry Styleswith approximately 21,000 people.

On the other hand, the Cordillera Festival It is one of the events that was born big and gave the capital a new event that brought together the greatest legends of Latin American music. It stood out for its environmental project, when it was carried out in the park Simon Bolivarthe first in Latin America recognized as zero carbon emissionas well as in the planting of 20,000 native trees in the Cuchillas paramo in Cundinamarca. In addition, the festival was born Joropo to the Park, that highlights the culture of the eastern plains.

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The outbreak is also district

This weekend ends the rock festival.

It is worth mentioning that not only private events were important for the city, but also Festivals in the Park They meant an opportunity to democratize culture and provide very important free shows for residents and visitors to Bogotá. “The return of the festivals has a direct impact on the appropriation of Bogotanos by massively attending these events that provide a quality, innovative and freely accessible musical offerwhich generates a direct relationship with the ordinary citizen”, assured Maira SalamancaDeputy Director of Arts at the Institute of Arts (Idartes).

Andy Montañez, salsa singer.


Juan Manuel Vargas. WEATHER Archive

The district events that registered the most attendees were rock to the park, held for the first time over two weekends, with 300,000 total attendees; followed by Salsa to the Parkwith 125,000, in the Plaza de Bolívar, and Hip Hop to the Parkwith 120,000, in Simón Bolívar Park.

Salamanca adds that “the return of the Festivals in the Park, in person after the pandemic, is of vital importance for Bogotá in two ways. First resume the important meeting point generated by the Festivals for the music sector of the city and for the agents of the music industry in Ibero-America, through which significant spaces for relationships and business opportunities are provided”.

“In the same way the Festivals in the Park represent an important platform for musical projects that provide an important opportunity for visibility and a space to carry out creative development exercises, stagingand deferent marketing and promotion strategieswhich also link other professionals in the sector, who behind the scenes allow projects to achieve their objective, such as sound engineers, roadies, stage manager, vj, vocal coach, composers, recording engineers, mixing and masteringamong many others”, concluded the deputy director of the Arts.

Polka dots of the year

Miley Cyrus dedicated her performance to the Foo Fighters drummer.


Miley Cyrus on Twitter

Although it was a year of great concerts, it must be recognized that there were moments that were not as pleasant as the cancellation of the Jamming Festival, which affected thousands of people including businessmen and assistants; the death of taylor hawkinsdrummer of Foo Fighters, in the preview of his presentation at Estéreo Picnic; logistical problems at the concert Dua Lipa in Magic Saltpeter and the controversy that arose with the concert of Harry Styles, that it was also going to be done in that same place; the ticket office scams and the people who forced their way into the concert of Bad Bunny. As well as the resellers who came to ask for triple a ticket.

What comes for 2023?

This is how the Stereo Picnic 2022 was lived.

Events such as the Center Festival; Imagine Dragons and Alejandro Sanzat the Colosseum Live; Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and ‘Monsters of Rock’ -for the first time in the country- with Kiss and Deep Purple; The Northern Tigers in the Campin; Fito Páez, Vicentico and Paramoreat the Movistar Arena and The Weekend, in the stadium. As well as the twelfth edition of Estéreo Picnic and the possible second edition of Mountain range.

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