Confirmed | Bruno Valdez is no longer a Club América footballer

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Bruno Valdez is a clear example that not everything is forever and large institutions like the America club they must know when to end a working relationship regardless of how great players have performed in the past. The Paraguayan was one of the best central defenders in the MX League and even broke the record for most goals from his position with the shirt Cream bluebut it is a reality that today they do not have enough bonuses to stay in the squad, so for more than a year, the fans of Coapa demanded his departure.

This afternoon it was announced according to various sources that Valdez will no longer continue in America for the next Closing 2023because he would already have an agreement ready to go to Cruzeiro from Brazil and in the next few hours the official announcement would be made by the Eagles about the departure of Bruno. Let’s remember that the defender was present in the last practices of the squad and was even part of the preseason, but it was well known that the board was looking for an accommodation to stop paying his salary and free up an untrained position in Mexico.

The reaction of the fans of Club América

Given the news that Valdez will no longer defend the team, most of the fans expressed their joy, although they do not take their finger off the line and want more casualties like that of Federico Vinas to get other players who are truly at the level of America to face the Clausura 2023. On the other hand, there were those who incidentally asked that Santiago Banos will also abandon Coapabecause his management has left bad results.

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