Congreso Futuro 2023 will have UdeC exponents in the areas of Medicine, Agricultural Engineering and Astronomy

The new edition of the Future Congress in the Biobío Region will have the participation of two academics and one academic from the University of Concepción. It’s about the Dr. Diana Cáceres Vásquezthe Dr. Rodrigo Herrera Camusboth from Campus Concepción, and the Dr. Mario Lillo Saavedraof the Chillán Campus.

The professionals joined the new version of the Future Congress to contribute from their areas of knowledge to the theme that this year and with the title “No real limit”, the exhibitors will try to answer different questions related to the theme

The event will be held throughout the country. between 16 and 20 January. Those interested in participating can do so after registering on the site Future Congress website.

UdeC exponents

The first to take the stage of the Future Congress at the Biobío Theater will be the academic from the Department of Astronomy, Dr. Rodrigo Herrera Camuswho will participate in the panel on Astronomy led by the Dr. Nancy Levenson.

The international specialist will tell about her experience observing the universe through the James Webb telescope. Meanwhile, Herrera will explain “how it is that we can study the little university using different observatories and through the combination of these, learn from its different characteristics. For example, through the James Webb telescope we can look back in time and observe the starlight of the youngest galaxies. Instead, with Alma, in northern Chile, we can observe the gas from which those stars were born,” she recounted.

The conversation will take place on Tuesday, January 17 at 10 a.m. at the Biobío Theatre.

Then at 11:30 a.m.the Dr. Diana Cáceres Vásquez will take the stage to talk about Public Health, Patient Care, Endocrinology. The UdeC academic will share the stage with Dr. Victor Montori, a Peruvian endocrinologist and renowned expert in evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making. Co-developer of the Minimally Impertinent Medicine concept.

The academic explained that “my lines are the medicalization of life, polypharmacy, first do no harm, minimally disruptive medicine, caring for people, ethics of care, and the family as a fundamental care unit.”

The next day, in Ñuble, the academic from the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Dr. Mario Lillo Saavedrahas an appointment at the Municipal Theater of Chillán, to talk about the Digital Revolution.

Science from the UdeC

Regarding the importance of holding the event in the regions, Herrera stated that “the Future Congress has become a one of the most important science dissemination projects in the country. I am deeply glad that our Region is not exempt from this celebration of science”.

Along the same lines, Dr. Cáceres stated that participating in the Future Congress is a “tremendous opportunity for representation.” Regarding her expectations, she said that she hopes to be able to “talk about care, self-care, how do we take care of ourselves? And to create a conversation with the public by integrating technology”.

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