Congress approves motion that urges President Castillo to resign

(CNN Spanish) — The Congress of Peru approved this Thursday a motion that urges President Pedro Castillo to resign irrevocably “for the moral good of the nation.”

The congresswoman from Avanza País Rosselli Amuruz Dulanto supported her proposal and mentioned the people killed in events related to the protests of the carrier strike that began on March 28, and a part of the population that disapproves of the government’s mandate.

“In eight months there have been 50 ministers of state and three ministerial cabinets. This motion must be a unanimous agreement of the congressmen, in solidarity with the deceased compatriots,” Amuruz Dulanto said, according to a statement from Congress.

Congress of Peru votes against Castillo’s vacancy motion 2:26

The motion was approved with 61 votes in favor, 43 against and one abstention.

What is approved by Parliament is only a call for resignation and although it is not binding or obliges the president to leave office, it represents a show of will or political position of the parliament.

So far, Castillo has not commented on the matter. CNN contacted the Government Palace and is still waiting for a response.

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