Congress establishes day to recognize Veterinary medicine, Zootechnics and Aquaculture

During the eighth session, deputies of Congress approved the Law to establish the day of professionals in veterinary medicine. Photo: La Hora/Congress

During the forty-eighth session, deputies of the Congress of the Republic approved the Law to establish July 18 as the day for professionals in Veterinary Medicine, Zootechnics and Aquaculture.

According to the law, the professional members of the College of Veterinary Doctors and Zootechnicians of Guatemala are an important pillar for the country’s food security, due to their contribution to production, food safety, health of the national livestock heritage and its diversification. , and their exercise must be recognized in a dignified manner.


Article 1 of the law mentions that it declares July 18 as the Day of the Veterinary Doctor and Zootechnicians, graduates in Aquaculture and other professionals related to animal health and production affiliated with the College of Veterinary Doctors and Zootechnicians of Guatemala.

For this reason, the College of Veterinary Doctors and Zootechnicians of Guatemala will be the coordinating entity and responsible for defining and carrying out activities to commemorate and celebrate the agreed day.

In addition, all State dependencies, their decentralized and autonomous entities, must grant leave with pay to be absent from their work to the professionals who were named in article 1.

In this sense, the decree was transferred to the Executive Body for its sanction, promulgation and subsequent publication in the Official Gazette so that it becomes effective.

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