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Highly flexible, hi-tech, ecological, but above all connected: urban mobility is enriched with a new technological solution. It is called “ConnX”. It was conceived and patented by the South Tyrolean company Leitner of the HTI group which has also already produced a prototype.
“ConnX”, whose name is inspired by the English term “connect”, is based on a simple concept: the optimal connection between aerial cableway systems and land electric mobility. The heart of the idea is represented by a cable car whose cabin, once it enters the station, is transferred to an autonomous electric vehicle which then continues its path at street level.

The system has two advantages for urban contexts: on the one hand, it allows you to more easily overcome any topographical or structural obstacles with a cable car, on the other hand, the double solution is an important alternative for all those areas where, for various reasons, it is not possible to implement a continuous cable car variant.
The combination of cable car and self-driving electric vehicles allows for comfortable handling while remaining comfortably seated in the cabin. Furthermore, the fluid interaction between the area line and the land line allows perfect adaptability to the most diverse urban needs. In this way it is possible to bypass existing infrastructural barriers, such as buildings or monuments. In addition to short construction times and low investment and operating costs, the hybrid solution brings a significant reduction in noise emissions and also creates an efficient use of electric mobility in public transport.
“One year after the launch of the first Prinoth hydrogen snow groomer – declares Anton Seeber, president of the HTI group which includes companies such as Leitner, Poma, Prinoth, Demaclenko and Leitwind – today we are proud to announce a new solution that highlights our ability to transform innovative ideas into reality. This time at the service of increasingly liveable and sustainable urban centers “.


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