Conspiracy Theory: Did Beyoncé Get a Surrogate?

For some, a string of more or less proven evidence over the years will be necessary in order to bring out a theory. For others, a simple interview will be enough to give rise to the craziest rumours. A stroke of fate that Beyoncé knows too well, who will suffer the costs from the year 2011.

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It’s August, the Queen of R’n’B performs her hit ‘Love on Top’ on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, Los Angeles, when she signs one of her most iconic announcements . Faced with hundreds of spectators who came to attend the ceremony, the singer opens up, one hand resting on her rounded belly: “I want you to feel the love that is growing in me. “Simple words that are enough to confirm her pregnancy, and to create a wave of euphoria. At 29, the one affectionately nicknamed Queen B is about to become a mother for the first time. Behind the scenes, members of the music industry are quick to congratulate the future father who is none other than Jay-Z, one of the most influential rappers of his generation and husband of Beyoncé since 2008. has never been so happy. That’s all she expected. And Jay-Z is like an overexcited child, they are adorable,” a source close to the two stars told “People” at the time. Their happiness is total. Especially since it comes to close a painful chapter that the interpreter of “Single Ladies” evokes in his documentary “Life Is But A Dream”. Two years earlier, she had indeed suffered a miscarriage. “I was pregnant for the first time. And I listened to the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life. I imagined how my child would be. I felt motherly. Then I went to New York for a check-up, and there was no heartbeat,” she says. This second pregnancy therefore sounds like the beginning of a new life. But also that of a rumor that will make the headlines: is Beyoncé really pregnant?

A controversial pregnancy

To understand the rumor, it is necessary to go back to one of her interviews, organized when she was six months pregnant. At the time, Beyoncé was invited to the Australian program “The Sunday Night Show”, a real starting point for conspiracy theories. That day, the singer indeed performs a movement while sitting down which causes, at the level of her dress and her future mother’s belly, a strange fold. A sequence of a few seconds, relayed by the “Daily Mail”, which is enough to ignite the Web. From then on, Internet users are convinced, the star would have simply simulated her pregnancy by wearing a fake belly and would have finally called on a surrogate mother. The goal ? Preserve his famous figure and avoid any excessive pain to his body. And the rumor is growing when some media claim that the couple would have ensured that no one not involved in the delivery will be present on the floor of the hospital on D-Day. On the one hand, some imagine a simple measure of security because of the strong notoriety of the two spouses. But for others, it’s simply a deliberate act to cover up the whole truth behind Beyoncé’s alleged pregnancy.

In one as in the other case, it is in a certain media agitation that the singer becomes mother for the first time, on January 7, 2012, of a little girl named Blue Ivy. And whose first cries will be revealed in the song “Glory” by Jay-Z. The mystery of this birth then remains intact.

Beyoncé breaks the silence

The birth of Blue Ivy could have put an end to speculation, however, in fact, it is not. So much so that Beyoncé herself chose to speak in an interview with “People” magazine, nearly four months after the birth of her daughter. Returning to the crazy theories of which she has been the subject in recent months, she confides: “I asked myself: where could they get that out of? I thought it was really unfair and cruel that anyone could think someone could be so evil to play such a comedy for nine months. Some people have even asked me the question, which is really ridiculous. “Before explicitly evoking the famous dress worn during her appearance on “The Sunday Night Show”: “It was the fabric that folded – doesn’t the fabric fold? Oh my god, that’s so stupid! »

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If she does not pour out more on the rumor, Beyoncé will distill secrets over the months that will only confirm her words. As in 2013, during an interview for the American version of “Vogue”, where she affirms that it was during her delivery that she felt a “very strong” connection with her daughter: “It happened during the work. I felt a very strong bond with my child. When I had contractions, I imagined my child pushing open a very heavy door. I imagined him doing all the work so I couldn’t think of my own pain… We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt this communication. “An experience that the singer will soon relive.

A new ad

In February 2017, almost five years after the birth of Blue Ivy, the superstar took to her Instagram account to announce a new happiness: she was pregnant with twins. “We would like to share with you our love and our happiness. We have been blessed twice. We are extremely grateful that our family can be enriched by two new members, and we thank you for all your wishes. The Carters. “This time, no big statement on the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards but a simple publication on which we discover her posing in her underwear, her hands resting on her rounded belly prominently. What put an end to the rumors.

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