Construction of the City of Justice in Madrid will begin in 2025 and will be 100% accessible.

The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Local Administration of the Community of Madrid, Miguel Angel García Martín, explained that the City of Justice of Madrid, whose construction will begin in the second half of 2025, will be fully accessible to people with disabilities.

The advisor stated this during an interview with Servimedia, where he recalled that next month an offer will be made to reward companies wishing to become part of this space, which will unite “in the Valdebebas conspiracy” there are 26 judicial headquarters, which are currently “scattered throughout Madrid” and that they have “more than 30,000 users every day.”

“From the award ceremony, the winning companies will have six months to submit a project, after which work will begin on the City of Justice, which we hope will become a reality in the second half of 2025.”

Garcia Martin stressed that this City of Justice will be “100% accessible, fully digitalized, including from an energy point of view, very efficient” and stressed that this “far exceeds the requirements and standards currently required at the national and international level.”

“The City of Justice will not only be the largest in the world, but also the most accessible, the most digital, and will also make justice more humane,” he said, explaining that he has a Justice Plan. Humanizing justice so that “it becomes a standard for other courts.”

Regarding the connection of this city with the rest of Madrid, the Councilor recalled that “this same year, work will be completed on the Valdebebas interchange, which will be located at the gates of the City of Justice”, and assured that The Madrid community is working to “bring the metro to the very doors of the City of Justice.”and also “all other public transport, buses, EMT, commuter trains.”

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