Contact lenses, renew possibility of treatment for presbyopia according to specialist

Presbyopia is a condition that does appear in all people, at the age of 40.

The annual exam helps improve the impact of presbyopia treatments. Photo: Shutterstock.

Presbyopia is a condition that every person aged 40 and over is going to suffer from, regardless of pre-existing eye conditionsas indicated by Dr. Gabriel Cordone, Optometrist and Member of the International Association of Eyeglass Educators of contact, exclusively for the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

“Precisely the lens loses the ability to make the correct focus on the retina. So, in conclusion, when faced with presbyopia, all human beings are the same,” he emphasized.

Faced with this vision problem, contact lenses are a new treatment optionwhich was not available and which brings benefits for both patients and specialists, since frame lenses bring some problems in some lifestyles.

“Very valuable new designs appeared, adjusted to lifestyles. For example, someone who plays sports could not wear glasses, and when it comes to diagnosing, not all patients are operable or candidates for surgeryso when it comes to contact lenses these can be the visual solution,” he said.

The option of surgery, as specified by the doctor, is not for all patients. “Right now there are a lot of possibilities through tools, like glasses and contact lenses.”

He added that when a patient is a candidate, the results are good. “The eye can change, so after surgery there must be controls.”

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In this particular, Dr. Cordone explained that the use of light on an important aspect to take into account, since the light in the middle of reading or nearby activity. Another aspect that is relevant, in the opinion of the specialist, is the frequency of blinking in front of electronic devicesbecause the distribution of the tear in the eye is necessary.

Additionally, the specialist doctor added that diet and exercise are valuable aspects that must be taken care of to support eye health. “These recommendations help slow down the onset of presbyopia.”

In reference to chronic diseases, the doctor mentioned that diabetes helps early onset of presbyopia, “also the taking of some medications, they can also cause them”. However, age, that is, 40 years, is the first reference for the appearance of presbyopia.

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