‘Contract for our future’, 7th annual day for rickets patients. Leader in Social Information

The ONCE Foundation, the Spanish Association of Inherited Rickets and Osteomalacia (AERyOH) and other organizations are holding their 7th annual conference this Saturday under the motto ‘Building our future’.

According to the organizers, the session will start at 4:30 pm at the ONCE Foundation headquarters.

Inherited rickets and osteomalacia (RyOH) is a group of rare, usually inherited diseases characterized by mineral deficiencies. Thus, the main topics that will be discussed on this day are (RyOH), some healthy advice for patients with these diseases and social aspects for these patients, as reported by the ONCE Foundation this Friday.

The session will be moderated by various medical professionals, including representatives of the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER) and AERyOH. Various topics will be addressed through different presentations such as ‘From Laboratory to Life’. A project for the integration of basic, clinical and social research in primary tubulopathies, by Frank Hernández García, Doctor of Medical Sciences University of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba; ‘Hypophosphatasia, undescribed variant’ by Beatriz García Fontana, postdoctoral researcher at the Biosanitary Research Institute of Granada.

Likewise, there will be other exhibitions such as ‘Screens: are they safe for my health?’, by Hector Cument Antoli, expert in pediatrics and its specific areas; ‘Nutrition and food supplements for patients suffering from diseases that cause bone weakness’ by Iván Iglesias Baena, researcher and director of the Zen Active Clinic in Granada.

Likewise, there will be two round tables that will talk about patient associations and AERyOH information and guidance services. Pediatricians from Villalba General Hospital and Rey Juan Carlos Hospital in Madrid, Almudena Román Pascual and other professionals from AERyOH will participate.

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