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We offer you a perfect breakfast to relieve and prevent the symptoms of arthritis: you will need a few simple ingredients.

L’arthritis it’s a inflammatory condition of one or more joints, which causes pain, swelling and joint stiffness, but also reduced range of motion and redness with a sensation of heat. It can have different origins and natures, in fact when it occurs it is always good ask your doctor for a consultation Basic. Only experts will be able to prescribe the right treatment to combat and relieve pain. However, in part it can remedy by feeding.

Perfect breakfast for the arteries (Pixabay)
Perfect breakfast for arthritis (Pixabay)

There are many pathologies fought through a simple modification of the diet, some ingredients in fact contain some useful beneficial nutrients to counteract certain symptoms and even prevent the onset of serious diseases. In fruits and vegetables, as well as in carbohydrate sources, they are present vitamins and minerals very important for the correct functioning of the organism. About this, we propose a breakfast guy for anyone suffering from arthritis: a few simple ingredients will suffice.

Arthritis: fight it with a healthy breakfast

First of all, our goal is to consume ingredients that strengthen the immune system and cartilages, but also that favor the collagen production and allievino theinflammation. Once this point is clarified, we can refer to the perfect ingredients for the pursuit of our purpose. First, you can prepare yourself a good one espressowhose blend boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

After that, you can prepare yourself a yogurt-based breakfast with the addition of some basic ingredients. First of all, i Whole grains: in addition to being a source of good carbohydrates, they contain various vitamins and minerals useful for strengthening the immune system. Among these you can buy amaranth, or buckwheat and quinoa.

Strawberries / red fruits in general (Pixabay)
Strawberries / red fruits in general (Pixabay)

Continuing, in yours bowl of yogurt you can add Red fruits of all kinds – known for their antioxidant, inflammatory properties and their ability to promote collagen production – and pistachioswhich contain calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, zinc and alpha-linoleic acid – all elements that contribute to cell renewal and strengthening the body.

Finally, you can buy some carrot juice (obviously unsweetened and excessively treated), which also contains antioxidants, but also vitamins C, D and K. Basically, we have a rich and substantial breakfastperfect not only for arthritis sufferers, but also for anyone who needs a good full of energy before starting the day.

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